Sunday, November 13, 2005

Senator Clinton on Israel's Defensive barrier

While touring the Jerusalem section of the fence at Gilo, Hillary Clinton said: “This is not against the Palestinian people. This is against terrorists. The Palestinian people have to help prevent terror. They have to change their attitudes about terrorism, starting with the Palestinian Authority and going through Palestinian society.”

Gee..ya think? I'm not sure how much of this was politics,but I appreciate the sentiment anyway, Senator. How it will play back home with the appeasement wing of the Democratic party back home is undoubtedly another matter.


Anonymous said...

The international court of justice has ruled that the Israeli APARTHEID WALL is illegal and that it violates the rights of Palestinians.

Israel is building the wall on occupied territory.

Israel is free to build a wall around its borders but not on lands its occupied by force.

By supporting the Israeli government in this issue, Senator Clinton is undermining the ruling of the International court which is the only judge in any international dispute.

Clinton is setting a good example for world citizens!

Freedom Fighter said...

You are, in a word, full of it. I hate to say it quite that way,but it's simply true.

The ULTIMATE human right is the right to live peacefully, and that is the right that Arab terrorists have attempted to deny to Israel since 1948.

That's what built the wall, Pal.Take some responsibility.

As for `apartheid', nice try. It's a funny kind of `apartheid' that has Arabs on both sides of a defensive barrier.

I believe we've discussed the so-called `occupation' before, and once again you refuse to answer simple questions or take any responsibility for the Arab part of this problem. The entire Arab claim to these disputed areas comes from agreement the `Palestinian' leadership chose not to keep, so th eland reverts back to the owners in fact, Israel. Israel has as much right to that land as anyone else. More,in fact because lots of it was legally purchased from the Arab emirs through the Jewish National Fund.

You also once again fail to address the fact that the ARabs made no complaint prior to 1967, whenthe area in question was illegaly occupied BY FORCE by Jordan and Egypt.

Your hypocrisy is mindboggling.

You REALLY need to educute yourself.

I realize youhate the idea that Israel exists, which is your right. But it isn't going to go away.

Here's a puzzler for you: what security guarantees would YOU, Karim, be willing to make to Israel in order to remove the defensive barrier?

You planning on eliminating Hamas and Islamic Jihad? How about al-Aksa? You planning on eliminating the hatred taught to Palestinians in the mosques, schools and media?

I didn't think so.

You're simply an apologist for Arab terrorism, Karim. And THAT's THE PROBLEM.