Sunday, November 27, 2005

The latest on Iran...

The Mullahs are crowing in triumph after the Europeans backed down on referring Iran to the Security Council over it's nuclear program.Iran Focus-News - Special Wire - Iran trumpets "EU retreat" over nuclear issue Click on the link to see what the Iranians themselves are saying about this latest retreat.

Originally, the EU's stance was unconditional on a halt to enrichment as a precondition for negotiations. And of course, Dubbya appears to prefer to ignore all this and leave it in the hands of the Europeans. The mullahs, as the Freedom Fighter predicted, are adamant about the complete nuclear cycle remaining in their hands and have essentially spit on the deal Putin and Bush cooked up last | wired

In other news, agreements have come to light between North Korea and Iran in a swap of oil for missles.Bangkok Post - Breaking News

The Freedom Fighter documented the last deal, which was brokered by Russia for a handsome commission. Again, it only takes a glance at the map to show that only secure route for an oil-and-missle trade between these two rogue regimes is via-you guessed it- Russia. Uh, thanks Vladimir.

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