Friday, November 18, 2005

News From Our `Friends' in Egypt

The political situationin Egypt is increasingly tenuous. Proof of this was the recent Egytian Parliamentary `elections' which saw the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (father organization of Hamas, CAIR, etc.) doubling its representation in Egypt's parliamentZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (2005111926497)

While the elections were undoubtedly rigged towards the the ruling party of President Hosni Mubarak, the stong showing of the Islamists is a portent of things to come, as the Egyptian aged dictator's 24 year old regime regime winds down. Mubarak intended to grease the way for the succesion of his son, but a combination of circumstances made this untenable,not the least of which was his son's basic personality. Given a REAL election, the Brotherhood would have obviously done much better...proof that the Bush Doctrine of democracy as the cure for Islamism is somewhat flawed in it's premise.

Hitler was democraticaly elected too, one might remember.

The US taxpayers subsidize Egypt to the tune of $2.5B per year and have done so since the Camp David Accords, based on the perception that they're our `friends'..though you'd never know it to read the government controlled Egyptian press. After the rapidly aging Mubarak leaves the scene, Freedom Fighter wonders how long that `friendship' will last.


Anonymous said...

The "Hiter was democratically elected" quote should apply to Bush.

While Bush is not as brutal as Hitler, their military strategies and ambitions are quite the same. Both Hitler and Bush believed the German (American) way was the only way, and that any oposition to it will be dealt with military force if necessary.

Sharon is their little under-dog who follows the same strategy at a very small scale against the Palestinians.

Turkey is run by Islamists yet turkey has never showed any desire to deploy its army all over the globe against the wish of the people of this planet.

For Egypt they should first refuse the 3 billion dollars BRIBE coming from the US government, then break off the fake diplomatic relations with Israel. How can one have relations with their sworn Enemy?

Peace with Israel must be put to a referundum. Every 4 years or so, the government should organize one. If people decide that it is OK to deal with the Israeli state, then fine. If people decide otherwise, then too bad.

Freedom Fighter said...

Ah, Karim..

Actually, we agree that the US aid to Egypt is largely a bribe, and that America should cease it immediately.

But you confuse me..first you say that Islamists want `peace' and then you say that Egypt should break off `fake relations with its sworn enemy' Israel.

So obviously YOU merely like the idea of war between Egypt and the Jews and want Egypt to go to war against Israel...hopefully with more success than in the past, with a wonderful orgy of jihad rape, pillage and massacre to finish the party.

Too bad for you it will never happen, even without the US bribe.
All Israel needs to do in the event of war is blow the Aswan dam to put almost all of the inhabited part of Egypt under 20 feet of water.

Damn, when things go wrong...

Don't you get bored withbeing wrong?

Israel stays, Karim. Deal with it.