Tuesday, November 08, 2005

France goes to a state of emergency

FRANCE finally decided to impose curfews under state-of-emergency laws dating from the Algerian war of the 1950s in an attempt to quell the Muslim insurgency.The Australian: Weary France acts to reclaim streets [November 09, 2005]

Rioting Muslim `youths' upped the ante by increasing the violent rampaging in Bordeaux, Lille, and Toulouse.

As a sign of the times, Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front has weighed in, caling for the government to call out the Army. BTW, remember that one in five Frenchmen voted for Msr. Le Pen's nationalist agenda, which essentially calls for the relocation of most of France's Muslim population. Look for them to get even more support after this debacle.

In an interview with French TV,Prime Minister de Villapin blamed the violence
on `organized criminals' although he did not discount the involvement of Islamist radicals in a country that has Europe's largest Muslim minority, of about 5 million.

"That element must not be neglected," he said. You think so, Prime Minister Clouseau?

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