Sunday, November 13, 2005

Is this the face of `One of the severest enemies of Islam'???

Yep, good `ol Queen Elizabeth was named by al Qaeda in a video as one of the severest enemies of Islam!Al-Qaeda names Queen as enemy of Islam

The remarks went out in a 27 minute video tape released by one of the number one al Qaeda shock jocks, Ayman al-Zawahiri, a leading lieutenant of terrorist boss Osama bin Laden. The tape also seeks to justify the 7/7 terrorist bombings. Zawahiri says the Queen is responsible for what he terms Britain's "crusader laws" and calls her `one of the severest enemies of Muslims' on the tape, which also ran on (where else?) al-Jazeer.

Interesting,if creepy thought: Given that Prince Chuckie is very symphathetic to the poor, persucuted Muslims, to the point that some observers think he may even have secretly converted to Islam...could this be the onset of a death threat against Queen Elizabeth, in order to bring Chuckie to the Throne? One wonders...stranger things have happened in the current Jihad.

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