Thursday, November 24, 2005

US Congress wants to ban Hamas participation in PA elections

Dubbya and Condi may be willing to tolerate Hamas participating in the `Palestinian' elections, but apparently there is significant sentiment in Congress against it.

Jerusalem Post | Congress wants to ban Hamas

While the US administration has agreed to accept the participation of Hamas activists in the Palestinian elections, Congress is working on a resolution that will ban Hamas from taking part in the election process and that threatens that the relations between the Palestinian Authority and the US would be damaged if the PA does not disarm Hamas.

Resolution 575 was introduced last Friday by a group of congressmen from both parties and was referred to the House International Relations committee. A similar letter is circulating now in Senate.

The resolution calls for Abbas to ban Hamas from participating in the election, declare his intention to disarm terrrorist groups in PA areas before the elections happen and make a strong statement recognizing Israel's right to exist.

While the Bush administration determines policy, Congress allocates funds, and if this passes and Abbas doesn't comply, Dubbya might have a problem propping him up with more of the US taxpayers' dollars. Maybe if we're really fighting Islamic terrorism, we should stop funding it...ya think???



freelance radical said...

Great post........especially that next-to-last-line! Thank you.

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