Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Israel pressured into accepting `mobility' in border crossings. All of Israel's security organizations send protest letters to Sharon.

Condi Rice,James Wolfenson and the EU succeeded in pressuring Israel to allow full access to the Palestinians with little or no safeguards.

In an unprecendented move, written protests and warnings were submitted to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz about the major hazards in store when the crossings are reopened later this month and the rest of the accord goes into effect. Obviously the Israeli security services wanted this in writing to clearly record their opposition and establish where responsibility lies in the event things go wrong..as they most certainly will.

The protests came from the top levels of Israel’s armed forces, the Shin Beit and all other intelligence services, as well as the police...and with good reason.

According to the agreement:

1.Israel is divested of the means of keeping terrorists from making free use of the crossings which reopen Nov. 25 and the Palestinian convoys driving from Gaza to the West Bank and back from Dec. 15. There is no longer any barrier to Palestinian terrorists bringing shoulder-launched anti-air missiles any time to the point from which they can turn Israel’s international airport into a disaster zone and paralyze international air traffic to and from the country. As General Dan Halutz reluctantly admitted, such weapons have already been smuggled into Gaza since the Israeli pull out.

2.Israel is denied any veto power over the arrival of terrorists from Sinai to Gaza or from Gaza to the West Bank in both directions. A wanted terrorist can simply board a bus in Gaza and commute to Hebron or Ramallah without a problem. Israel officials may not stop and search it the vehicle, albeit on Israeli soil, let alone make an arrest.

3.American and European inspectors at the Gaza-Israeli crossings will not allow the Israeli officers free rein to effectively search them for hazardous freights so that the 150-per-day quota can be reached. The Palestinians will thus be quite free to move as many terrorists and as much material and explosives as they like between the Gaza and the West Bank.

At the crossings from Gaza into Israel, Israel surrendered the prerogative to shut down them down to secure personnel against terror alerts, although these facilities are prime terrorist targets and an attempt was made against the Karni crossing yesterday. The Israelis have to first notify the US embassy in Tel Aviv and back up its “request” with specific information, thus giving away its intelligence sources. It must then wait for permission from Washington – or its refusal - to the closure!

By surrendering this point, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon relinquished a key part of Israel’s sovereign right to self-defense and agreed to make the task of its own security forces in protecting the country an impossible job. It's likely that Palestinian `security forces' will be let loose on a wide swathe of southern Israel to escort 150 trucks a day bound for Hebron, Ramallah, Jenin and Nablus.

The agreement over the Rafah crossing will also be applied to Gaza’s deep sea port which the Palestinians will begin constructing immediately. Israel has therefore forfeited control and oversight over incoming goods and people to Gaza by sea as well as overland.

In reviewing this, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that Sharon and the present Israeli government have a death wish. And you have no idea how much it pains the freedom fighter to record this. The way is clear for the Palestinians to invade South Israel from two directions while lauching missles at Israel's coastal strip.

Obviously, the impetus for this came from the Saudis, who just got through talking to Secretary Rice... AND who incidentally were just allowed to join the WTO on the provisio that they end the de facto boycott of Israel.

Sharon's office made sure the six-page accord left by Rice was not translated into Hebrew. Israeli television and radio audiences were not exposed to the substance of this agreement. No wonder.


Patty said...

God have Mercy on us if we don't stand with Israel in these troubled times. The only thing that holds my sanity is the fact that there are other voices out here crying out for the leaders to listen. I appreciate your blog keep on keeping on.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thank you.

We will be victorious in the end. Don't worry. It is merely a question of time.

Anonymous said...

Shalom, Chaverim -

Yes, the "agreement" is an obscenity the cost of which will be spelled in blood and tears; but where does culpability truly lie for this appalling state of submission and humiliation into which Israel has wandered?

With the Israeli Government. As disgusting as the White House's hypocrisy and perfidy are with regard to their policy on Israel, I EXPECT the USG to do what they perceive as best for the US.

It is the GOI that must stand up for Israel. As it stands, the GOI is wilfully surrendering its sovereignty. The disgrace burns painfully - but the danger in which the citizenry is left is intolerable.

It is my fervent prayer that the many weak, corrupt, and self-aggrandizing MKs (and it isn't just in Likud, tho' perhaps Sharon's little clique of cleansers is the worst) will all soon be replaced. . .

. . .if not, perhaps, by ardent Zionists (who must control their internal conflicts immediately for the sake of the nation and for the sake of Judaism's future in Eretz Yisrael), then at least, B"H, by men and women strong enough to understand that the first job of the national leadership is to insure the safety of their citizen body.

People strong enough to LEAD; strong enough to tell foreigners who insist on the capitulation of Israel in the face of terrorists to go back to their home countries and make policy where they are entitled to do so.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Freedom Fighter said...

I can't disagree with you, Chaber.

As Tom DeLay once said `You could have knocked me over with a feather when Israel agreed to the Road Map and a Palestinian State.'

And remember,it was Peres and Rabin who aigned Oslo and let Arafat come back into Gaza from Tunis.

Israel is going through a void of leadership right now and Sharon is fairly corrupt,in my view. Fortunately, new elections are just around the corner.

As for President Bush, oddly enough his political problems here in America started when he began pressuring Israel for massive concessions. Not a coincidence, in my view.

Bush has his heart in the right place,but he is being hopelessly manipulated by the Saudis,to his detriment. America has a bit of a problem with leadership too right now.

But things are changing as the War Against Jihad becomes more clear and defined. Clarity (and victory)are just a matter of time.

Keep strong. Keep in touch.And thanks for your comment.


The Freedom Fighter