Thursday, November 03, 2005

Le Jihad Francais continues...

Rioting spreads to 20 towns around Paris.

Rioting Spreads to 20 Towns Around Paris - Yahoo! News

Apparently the adherants of the Religion of Peace have decided to move beyond merely burning police cars and looting and have moved on to shooting atpolice and fireman and taking on buses and commuter trains.

An appeal by Le President Chirac was ignored as the violence continues to ramp up.

Interior Minister Sakorney called the rioting ` well organized
and not spontaneous' which shows that at least he realizes that this is about rolling back French attempts to limit Sharia in France and jail Islamic terrorist supporters in exchange for temporary peace and quiet....until the next time! DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2005�
Le jihad Francais is definately underway.

French member of Parliament Philippe de Villiers, who has said he wants to "stop the Islamization of France," told RTL radio that the problem stemmed from the "failure of a policy of massive and uncontrolled immigration."

Gee..ya think?

Just remember, if this happens near you, that your racist and Islamophobic government is to blame. RIGHT!

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