Thursday, November 24, 2005

Required reading for those who consider the Iraqi terrorists `freedom fighters'

And for those that consider them "not evil, just people with another perspective that we have to understand"...yeah, YOU Chris Matthews. And your ilk.

Suicide bomber kills scores, targets US troops handing out toys in hospital - Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune

Apparently another one of what Michael Moore calls `minutemen' decided to bomb a hospital in central Iraq where those vicious occupying mercenaries known as the American Army were spending their Thanksgiving handing out toys to kids...many of them victims of prior Islamic terrorism. Two US soldiers were wounded.

Read this story and remember it the next time you hear somebody bloviating about rights for the so-called `insurgents', criticizing the conduct of the US military in Iraq and yakking about 'freedom fighters'.


Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the cost of the institutionalized moral relativism that we have permitted to permeate our leadership, schools, and MSM sources will be measured in blood and tears; this thinking will be looked upon as we now look on Stalinism, or Nazism. . .which will do nothing whatsoever to ameliorate the suffering of the victims.

May we be staunch in our struggle to do better - and may we know evil for what it is and call it by its name.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree.

As I've often said, I compare today to the late `30's and early `40's. Check out the rhetoric used by the Isolationists and America Firsters back then. it fits in perfectly with their modern decendents today.