Friday, November 04, 2005

Riots in France continue; spread from Paris to Dijon

Le Jihad Francais shows no signs of abating, as the Islamic unrest inFrance has spread from Paris to Dijon.
BBC NEWS | World | Europe | French riots spread beyond Paris

Robert Spencer has an interesting take on Le Jihad Francais here:
FrontPage :: Paris Burning by Robert Spencer
So what does all this really signify? As Spencer notes, anyone who thinks that the riots have something to do with economic `conditions' is simply kidding themselves. If that were true, the rioting would NOT be confined to the Islamic sections of France..though to read most of the Main Stream Media, you'd have to look carefully to determine the Islamic connection.

Muslims are also rioting in Alborg and Copenhagen in Denmark, though that story has been eclipsed by the events in France.

This is merely the logical outcome of European (and French in particular) policies since the `70s that aligned Europe with the Islamic world. Bat Yeor's book `Eurabia' is a particularly good source on this.

Columnist Mark Steyn, whom I ordinarily agree with, said in a radio interview yesterday (Hugh Hewitt, for those of you in America) that this was the start of the 'Eurarabian war' and that Europe was `first in line' before America.

Actually, Steyn is incorrect about Europe being `first in line', in my opinion. First in line was Israel, second in line was Europe's Jews and the Europeans are third.

Every bit of terrorist tactics now being used against the West was perfected in use against Israel. And if you look at what's going on there now...the rocket attacks, homicide bombings against targets like markets, driveby shootings,stabbings and can get a pretty good idea of what's in store for us down the line.

Another interesting sidelight is the fact that as Israel has walled itself off,the terrorists have adapted by using `safe houses' within the country as launching points for terrorist outrages..just as local Muslims are the shock troops of the European Jihad.

The Europeans, with France in the forefront, have supported Palestinian jihad against Israel and pretty much ignored the Islamic assault on Europe's Jews except for a great deal of lip service. Obviously, the hope was that by `giving them the Jews', the Europeans could purchase peace. It has proven to be a bankrupt hope, and those particular chickens are now coming home to roost.

The Jews, once again, have played the role of society's canary in the coal mine.

Thanks to President Bush's total failure to police America's borders, to stop the Saudis from funding jihadist indoctrination, hiring American political figures with government access as shills and sending Saudi trained Imams here to America to recruit, or even to challenge American Muslims to take sides in this war, we can look forward to our own place in line in the near future unless drastic measures are taken.

In France,the current riots are a trial run, to see if Muslims can get more concessions and less supervision from the French government so the Islamists can prepare for the next, more serious battle. And the rematch will come, depend on it.

Dar Islam is the goal - jihad is the tool. Remember that.

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