Monday, November 14, 2005

Some photos of the IDF that will never make the news....

A few photos of the IDF in action...and an interesting comparison when one considers the normal targets of the terrorists they fight. I wouldn't look for these pix on CNN, that's for sure!

Thanks and a hat tip to Giv Cornfield, Joshuapundit's Hawaiian correspondant:


Anonymous said...

Only the first picture is of an IDF soldier.

The rest are from the US army in Iraq.

IDF soldiers wear brown boots.

Freedom Fighter said...

In the second picture, some of the soldiers are wearing skullcaps,if you look closely. And the boots a re covered withdust,making color difficult to acertain.

In picture 3, he boots are not visible.

Nor are they in picture 4.Though as one looks at picture four, the soldier holding the baby appears to be a typical Israeli reservist.

Anonymous said...

Dude, those are all Americans except the first one. Yeah, they don't show those in America either.

Anonymous said...

for more iraq photos and timeline:
Afghanistan timeline also

Anonymous said...

only the first picture is of a soldier in the IDF. aside from the boots, you can tell because in all of the other pictures, the soldiers are wearing typical camaflogue. the only camaflogue in the israeli uniform is on the helmet. the rest of their uniform is simple dark green. in addition, the IDF uses a different model of the gun that the US military uses. and finally, you can be sure that the first picture is of an IDF soldier because the soldier is petting a cat. if youve ever been to israel or the west bank, you know that there are thousands and thousands of stray cats. it is rare to walk down the street and not see many cats in allyways or sitting on the side of the sidewalk, etc.

good pictures.