Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Gun Map...The Second Amendment In The USA

The map above is a concise guide to gun rights throughout the fifty states ( click on the image to enlarge).

It also clearly shows a correlation between the restriction of 2nd amendment rights and an increase in homicides and violent crime. Notice, for instance, the difference in per capita homicides between Vermont, with no restrictions on a citizen's right to bear arms and Illinois, where such rights are prohibited...unless you're a politician.

Just a little something for the members of Joshua's Army to think about - despots love an unarmed citizenry.


Rosey said...

Vermont's stats are puzzling...A very liberal place, no? What do you make of this FF?

Freedom Fighter said...

Even though the state is overrun by transplants from NYC (i.e Howard Dean) and Boston, there are enough 'live free or die' types that like hunting to keep gun laws off the books.

It's still largely a rural and semi-rural state.