Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama: Israel "A Constant Sore Affecting Our Foreign Policy"

Jesus II stepped in it again.

Obama's pollsters must be screaming bloody murder at him over a possible hemorrhage of the Jewish vote over Jeremiah Wright, his endorsements by Hamas, Louis Farrakhan, Ahmadinejad and a host of other troubling glitches.

Particularly damaging must have been yesterday's fiasco, where Senator McCain had the poor taste to mention how favorably Hamas and other enemies of America look at the idea of an Obama presidency. Obama, in response called McCain's remarks `offensive' and claimed he had no plans to have contact with Hamas until they renounced violence and recognized Israel. And then, right on cue, one of his top foreign policy advisers, Robert Malley was openly doing just that, and had to be fired from the campaign when the word got out.

So Barack Hussein Obama has been doing the Israel dance over the last few days and enlisting his Jewish supporters, particularly in the dinosaur media to help.

One of them is the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, who specializes in writing particularly 'nuanced' articles on Israel and the Middle East.

Everything was going just swell, with Obama laying it on about how much he loves Jews and Israel..and then this slipped out:

JG: If you become President, will you denounce settlements publicly?

BO: What I will say is what I’ve said previously. Settlements at this juncture are not helpful. Look, my interest is in solving this problem not only for Israel but for the United States.

JG: Do you think that Israel is a drag on America’s reputation overseas?

BO: No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy

Yup, just like Rev Wright taught him at's the Jooo's fault. And I just love the idea that Jews living peacefully in communities they built on land that was vacant or used as military bases by the Jordanian government prior to 1967 are 'not helpful', don't you?

Not helpful to whom?


You know, it's funny about Obama...he seems to unwittingly embody political cliches.

First, there's the one about somebody being willing to sell his grandmother to get votes...and we saw the Chosen One do it live in The Speech, in Philadelphia.

Then there's the one about politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths and saying contradictory things.

Look at the part of Barack Obama's interview I bolded out...he does exactly that in two right after the other!

Am I suggesting that Barack Obama secretly hates Jews and Israel? In all fairness, probably not. But it is interesting that so many people who do are hanging around his campaign and/or rooting for him to become president.

And the isolated things that the things that constantly slip out of his mouth, taken with everything else seem to reinforce an obvious conclusion - that regardless of what Obama says about this issue, his innate world view is perfectly acceptable to people like Hamas and Ahmadinejad and their agenda.

You're known by your friends and the company you keep.


Anonymous said...

In fairness to Obama, the context suggests he was referring to the constant Israel/Palestinian dispute as the "wound", not Israel itself. I am no Obama fan, but lets not stretch things like you do in the headline to your post.Jim Harrison

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Jim,
I appreciate what you're saying, although I personally think that my analysis of the context was right on the money..look at how Jesus II stumbled over himself while trying to say two different things in the same sentence!

I'm a fair person, and I'm only infallible most of the time : ) -but I stand by the's a direct quote.

If this was something isolated, I wouldn't have even bothered to write about it, but as you know, it's one of a long list of gaffes and questionable associations by BHO..somehting I've noticed before, as I'm sure you have.

All Best,