Saturday, May 24, 2008

Victory In Sadr City - And The Dinosaur Media Hates It

Things are going far too well in Iraq, and so the amount of coverage in the dinosaur media steadily goes down, as they hope no one notices. The US/Iraqi victories in Basra and Sadr City over the Mahdi Army seem to rate sparse mention, unless a negative spin can be put on them.

As the Iraqi Army and their US allies consolidate their control over the former Mahdi Army stronghold of Sadr City,they're uncovering lots of arms caches filled with the sort of dangerous playthings Mookie's boys were supposed to turn in under the terms of the ceasefire.

Not being total fools,the US and Iraqi forces did a little treasure hunt after they took over,aided by helpful tips from the locals glad to be out from under the Mahdi Army's thumb and from some of Mookie's boys themselves anxious to ingratiate themselves with the new sheriffs in town.

They've discovered a number of Iranian weapons in substantial arms caches in Sadr City,including a number of IEDs and the explosives to make them, mortars and shells and Katushya rocket launchers.

One of the largest arms caches, which included heavy explosives and two containers of chlorine poison were being kept in a children's school.

This is the sort of thing you're not hearing about on NBC or CNN.

On the contrary,it seems that most of the dinosaur media continues to shill as best they can for our enemies.

The AFP provided a particularly shameless example in this regard, quoting the Mohannad al Gharawi and portraying him a neutral observer sent to Sadr City to monitor the truce. They then uncritically quote him accusing the Iraqi Army and the Americans as violating the truce. In fact he's a senior member of the Sadrist movement, something that's never mentioned in the article.

Another example of how invested the dinosaur media is in a US defeat in Iraq were wide spread news stories quoting 'confidential sources' that Ayatollah Sistani, the chief Shiite critic in Iraq had issued a fatwa asking Shiites to attack American and government forces.

As regular members of Joshua's Army know, this is an absolute hoot. For Sistani to do this, he would have had to proclaim open season on his own militia, the Badr Force - who are now part of the Iraqi government forces.

Nevertheless,the story went out across the wire services, spread by the usual suspects almost breathless with excitement. Now,this was some good news... Civil war! Sectarian strife! Quagmire! Aaah-ooo-gah!

Needless to say,when Sistani got wind of this his mystified staff issued a prompt denial..which the dinosaur media made a point of mostly not reporting.

I'm sorry..I have to seriously wonder about these people.Reporting this story even if it was true constituted rumor mongering of the worst sort in time of war that helped nothing, served no good purpose and could have rebounded seriously on our warriors if this had become some kind of urban legend in Iraq.As it was, promulgating bogus nonsense like this and then not even issuing a correction is not only unethical - to put it mildly - but unpatriotic in the extreme.

If I tried to get away with that kind of nonsense here on this site, you, the members of Joshua's Army would deliver me a severe electronic beatdown,and I'd richly deserve it.

Yet these people actually describe themselves as professionals and start quivering with indignation if you even question their malicious manipulating of the truth to serve a political matter what harm it does to the country or to our men and women in harm's way.

The Iraq War was horribly mismanaged in the beginning, and it took longer and cost more than it should have- but we're winning. And the thought of America prevailing, the idea that these people may actually be shown up as the defeatist, malicious fools they always mostly were has to be almost more than they can stand.

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