Friday, May 02, 2008

Watcher's Council Results, 5/02/08

The Council has spoken! A complete list of results can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

This week's winner was The Total Witlessness of Obama Apologists by Right Wing Nut House, Rick Moran's fine analysis of th epretzel logic the Obama-ites employ in trying to square what was expressed in The Speech in Philadelphia as opposed to the press conference this last Tuesday!

In second place was Outfoxed By Obama & The Twelve Unasked Questions by Wolf Howling, in which GW did a great job in putting out some tough questions for the Chosen One he would have liked to see asked by the Dinosaur Media.

Also getting votes were The Company One Keeps here at Joshuapundit, Rising Food Prices by The Glittering Eye and An Article About Islam Most Amazing for What It Doesn't Say by Bookworm Room.

In the non-Council category,the runaway winner was my nominee (and Callimachus' too, I think) An Anatomy of Surrender a superb must-read piece by Bruce Bawer about about how the west is endangering its own freedoms by bending over backwards to appease Islam's cultural norms.

In second place was Political Maneuver in Counterinsurgency by the always interesting Small Wars Journal.Just about what it sounds like.

Hearty congratulations not only to the winners, but to the rest of the entrants.

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