Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Palestinian `Atrocity ' Claim Debunked

Astonishing that anyone believes a word these people say anymore...about anything.

You'll recall that there was a lachrymouse piece of garbage in al-Reuters and elsewhere, with a common headline along the lines of 'Israelis kill mother and four children at the breakfast table.'

Funny thing...the IDF has finally learned not to take these claims at face value. They investigated, and it tuens out - surprise!- the woman and her children were not killed by IDF fire.

Instead, they died when the IDF hit four of Islamic Jihad's finest in a pinpoint heliocopter strike well away from the house who were carrying exlosives en route to launching them from Qassams against Israel.

One tip off was that the secondary explosion was much larger than the explosion that was caused by the initial IDF bombing and the type of munitions it had used.

Odd that it's the Israelis who get demonized , and not the brave Palestinian fighters, carrying stuff like this through residential areas an dusing civilians, in effect, as human shields.

Just as point of reference, Article 28 of the Geneva Convention specifically states that enemy combatants using civilians as human shields are NOT immune from attack.

Meanwhile 'Israeli Tank Shell Kills Gaza Kids' is the headline that's already been around the world - and don't hold your breath waiting for a retraction.

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Anonymous said...

The Americans who are fighing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the global war against Islamic terrorists face much the same problem that Israel faces here. Our militaries are very very good and, for the most part, their tactical and strategic planning have been excellent, however, there is another part of the war that America has largely neglected.

This is the public relations aspect. To its credit, Israel has at least tried to get its message out. Unfortunately it is small and not as well funded as its enemies. This is in contrast to the United States who has yet to make a concerted effort in the public relations arena.

When America decides to get its message out, it has the facts on its side. The cause of America and Israel is just. Because of this we should be able to overcome the vast edge in funding that our enemies have over us. American leaders just need to get to it and get our message out!!