Monday, May 05, 2008

Olmert Under Investigation - Again

The buzz in Israel these days involves yet another investigation of PM Ehud Olmert.

This time though, it's apparently serious enough that there a gag order on any news least temporarily. We may hear something in the next 24 hours on charges one official was quoted aninymously as saying 'would shock the country.'.

Olmert was questioned for over an hour last Friday at hgis office, and so far the the only information cleared for publication merely confirms that the new charges concern events that took place prior to his becoming Prime Minister. Given that this could cover his term as mayor of Jerusalem, there may be some real meat here.

As you know, Olmert is already under investigation in five other cases regarding corruption.

Pulling the trigger on whether to indict him would be the decision of Israeli Attorney General Menahem Mazuz. If Mazuz indicts him, Olmert would have to step down.

Stay tuned....this could be good.


Anonymous said...

If he is indicted, do you think that means Israel will get someone who is actually prepared to stand up for Israel?

Freedom Fighter said...

hi Yokel,
Th eshort answer is 'yes'.

What it means is that Olmeert would have to resign, and Tzipi Livni (yech!!) would take over as interim PM while the country goes to general elections.

She would have no real power or mandate to do anything major as far as further concessions to the Arabs, and given th epolitical climate in Israel today you would get a cneter right government, with Likud having a majority and Netanyahu as the likely PM.

All Best,