Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fast And Furious Gun Linked In Murder Of Mexican Beauty Queen

Maria Susana Flores Gamez, Miss Sinaloa was murdered in an incident this weekend in a shootout between members of the Sinaloa drug cartel and Mexican soldiers. She was apparently used as a human shield by the cartel shooters.

She was just 20 years old.

Found near her body was a Romanian AK-47-type WASR-10 rifle purchased by Uriel Patino at an Arizona gun shop in 2010, as part of the Fast and Furious operation. Patino allegedly purchased 700 guns while under the ATF’s 'sponsorship'.

Sn. Gamez isn't alone. So far, over three hundred murders have been linked to firearms walked over the border because of 'Fast and Furious', an operation of the Obama Justice Department that saw straw buyers purchasing over 2,000 weapons from Arizona gunships under ATF supervision, with the owners of the shops ordered to cooperate and ask no questions by the ATF.They didn't even bother to inform the Mexican government or coordinate anything with them.

You see, the Obama Administration isn't really against guns - just in America. They were apparently fine with shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Sharryl Atkinson, the reporter on the linked CBS story is one of the few reporters in the mainstream press who has been actually covering this scandal. In a Republican administration, 'Fast and Furious' would have been screaming headline news, with the media calling en masse for the president's impeachment or resignation.

Someday though, I'm convinced that the ghosts of SN. Gamez and the other Mexicans who were murdered because of 'Fast and Furious' will receive justice.

One way or the other.

Fast and Furious is one of the few times I've actually felt like I had to apologize for my country.

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B.Poster said...

"They didn't even bother to inform the Mexican government or coordinate any thing with them." Given the prior relations between the nations, the growing power of the Hispanic vote, and the political risks involved, such a statement is VERY unlikely to be correct. If this were the case, the Mexican government would have long ago had top American officials hauled before UN tribunals, the ICC, the International Court for Human Rights or whatever it is called, and any other international body that gain them publicity. Additionally, there would likely be sanctions placed against the US by entities such as the WTO and other international trade organizations.

At a minimum, there would be a UN general assembly resoultion against the US. The symbolism of this would enormous. More likely top US officials would be convicted in international courts and there would be warrants for their arrest making it impossible for them to travel abroad. Given the virulent nature of anti-Americansim in the world today, getting such convictions would require a bare minimum of effort on the part of the Mexican authorities.

Why has this not been pursued by the Mexican authorities? Most likely they do not want this investigated as a fair investigation would reveal they were involved in this up to their collective necks. Irs far better for them to use this situation for political purposes to stir up strife against their northern neighbor.

Had the Mexican government focused on one of the most basic duties of the government of a sovergin nation and attempted to secure their borders instead of focusing on trying to flood their northern neighbor with illegal immigrants, they might have been able to intercept much of these weapons at the border and likely prevented a large number of the murders. Given Mexican government's habitual disprect of American soverignty, the events of Fast and Furious should surprise no one.

Please understand NONE of what I have written excuses these actions on the part of the American government, there needs to be a thorough and fair investigation and those American officials who are responsible for this should be held accountable to the fullest extent possible consistent with their roles in this affair. This goes for ANY American offical regardless of their stature. The Mexican government should be prepared to do the smae on their end.

It would probably be best for both sides to coordinate their efforts in a transparent, thorough, and fair investigation. Even if the Mexican government refuses to do so, The American government needs to conduct an investigation on its role and hold its people accountable. Ultimately America can only account for its role in this area. Finally, any investigation needs to be impartial. Should the US and Mexico coordinate on this it should be made clear we are investigating a crime and are working to ensure the guitly are held accountable and we are NOT engaging in political witch hunts.

I agree with you that the victims of Fast and Furious will receive justice someday, however, lets reserve the apologizing until we find out exactly what happened. Its somewhat likely that a fair investigation will reveal the Mexican government led and organized the whole thing with the US government following their lead. If a complete and fair investigation reveals America is completely at fault or mostly at fault, then we make restitution in whatever fashion is warranted and hold the guilty responsible. This would be consistent with the actions of a law abiding and just society. The investigation has to be fair. As it is right now, we either get no investigation or a witch hunt against American officails. Given the current political environoment the former is most likely since the media wants to shed no negative light on the Obama Administration and the Mexicans would just as soon this investigation not be done because they don't their involvement revealed.