Monday, December 24, 2012

Ted Nugent Educates Piers Morgan On Civility And Gun Control

This is what it looks like when CNN talking head Piers Morgan get treated with the respect he deserves.


wow. just . . . wow said...

The headline: "Ted Nugent Educates Piers Morgan On Civility And Gun Control"

Nugent: "My limey friend . . . you can suck on my machine gun."

If that's what this blogger considers civil, it explains a lot about the ill-concieved (and typographically challenged) posts on this site.

Years before this blogger was born there existed Buckley Jr., Kirkpatrick, James Wilson, and a whole host of conservative intellectuals. Now we have this and other young bloggers pointing to Nugent as an 'educator'.

The only explanation is that these kids are still in their early 20s and have never known a time when the term 'conservative intellectual' wasn't an oxymoron. So they kiss up to Nugent and call him civil. They worship Palin. They almost nominate a man who thinks that a college education is 'snobbery'. And these people wonder why the nation rejects them.

If a democrat acted the way Nugent did on television, I'd be ashamed. And I have certainly been ashamed of democrat behavior in the past. Yet Joshuapundit seems to celebrate it with terms like 'education' and 'civility'. Unbelievable.

Rob said...

I love it when an anonymous lefty like you talks to me about civility. This is how the left thinks and how they attempt to 'debate'.

First off, they normally lie and leave out context. What Nugent actually said was 'Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people who want to literally create the proven places where innocents are murdered called gun free zones. we will beat you. We'll vote you out of office or you can suck on my machine gun, which ever you like."

The left out context, of course, is Morgan's previous hysterical, rude rant here, which Nugent simply decided he wasn't going to put up with from Morgan.

I have no problem with what Nugent said to this pathetic fool.

Of course, it's only 'incivility' when the right does it, no?

As for 'conservative intellectuals' your kind hated and demonized WFB and the rest when they were around, much as you hate people like Sarah Palin now..who btw could eat your intellectual lunch in a New York minute, and I can vouch for that personally. What do you call the organized attacks on her and her family, anon? Civil?

Finally, I wouldn't be so sure about the nation rejecting conservatism if I were you, since that's not who ran.The 3 million Republicans who chose not to vote might have spoiled your whole day and less than 400,00 votes in a few key states would have made the difference.

Finally, like someone else I'm sure you think of as 'intelligent', you know absolutely zip about this issue.

Like most lefties, what you really care about is dictating and taking people's choices away, unless it's about killing babies.

As I pointed out previously, every one of these mass shootings dates from Clintons 1994 Gun Free Schools Act. And the majority of gun violence today occurs largely in urban centers that have been run for years by Democrats and have severely restricted gun laws, like Chicago or DC.

People like you make messes others have to clean up, and that's dangerous. It's why I really could care less what you 'think'.

wow. just . . . wow said...

What Nugent actually said was '[w]e'll vote you out of office or you can suck on my machine gun, which ever you like."

I don't really thank that helps your point that Mr. Nugent is a civil gentleman. I apologize for not putting him into context that you refused to provide until your response. You'd be better off providing the full context in the future, lest you find yourself in this predicament again.

your kind hated and demonized WFB

I can't speak for 'my kind', but I myself certainly didn't. I think BuckleyJr was a genius and a great intellect. I have and treasure many of his nonfiction and fiction books. I just didn't agree with him, but that doesn't mean I can't respect what he did. I also respect Ayn Rand, Isabel Paterson, James Q. Wilson, Charles Murray, Barry Goldwater, Whitaker Chambers, the list goes on. But respecting someone's intellect and agreeing with them don't necessarily go hand in hand. I truly hope you come to understand this or you will find growing up very difficult.

hate people like Sarah Palin now

I don't hate Sarah Palin either. I find her irrelevant, and Ms. Palin agrees with me. In fact the other night, she spent one of her final appearances on Fox to describe Time magazine: “I think there’s some irrelevancy [at Time] . . . I mean, consider their list of the most influential people in the country and the world—some who have made that list: yours truly. . . That ought to tell you something right there regarding the credence that we should give Time magazine and their list of people.”

Straight from the horse's mouth.

The 3 million Republicans who chose not to vote might have spoiled your whole day and less than 400,00 votes in a few key states would have made the difference.

This sounds perilously close to the warning of the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Have fun with your time machine playing what-ifs.

Finally, like someone else I'm sure you think of as 'intelligent', you know absolutely zip about this issue.

And you decide to link to David Gregory's beatdown of LaPierre? I am in ever-so slight sympathy with the NRA on this issue, but I couldn't believe that their main spokesman would be so ineffective. LaPierre says that he is willing to 'try anything' that will work. Gregory asks if that includes more gun regulation. LaPierre says no, showing his hand that 'try anything' does not in fact mean 'try anything'. That was a plain embarrassment and maybe if the NRA had an intellectual or two around, they wouldn't get their butt spanked by David Gregory, a man who isn't usually the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Ask yourself, honestly: would YOU have made a better case on Sunday morning television? I'm guessing you would answer in the affirmative. Or you would at least recognize that you need better-equipped representation in the brains department than Mr. LaPierre. If that's the case, why do you and others in the republican party constantly settle? It's almost like you don't even want to win these fights.

Like most lefties, what you really care about is dictating and taking people's choices away, unless it's about killing babies.

Yes, that's what I care about. I wake up every day thinking about killing babies and taking people's choices away. And then I call my Palestinian friends and plan an erotic art show using funding from the NEA that was funneled through the New Black Panthers, or whatever group Fox is using to scare old white people today. Now that you've got that out of your system, step out of the bubble, learn a little, do some good, and see if you can make your what-ifs realities. With your current attitude, I don't see much hope.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas

Rob said...

Once again, an example of how the left 'argues'.

We all know exactly what Nugent said, Anon. I posted the video. And it's far different from your original, heavily redacted quote, no? Why repeat it. Do you think everyone's stupid but you?

As for the 'missing context' you're whining about, Pier's obscene little rant was headlines for a day or so before the media circled the wagons. Don't accuse me because you're ill-informed, or like most of the Left just process the taking points and swill you wish to.

BTW, I never wrote that Nugent was civil, merely that I had no problem with what he said to a bottom feeder like Morgan. And I used your comment to point out your own hypocrisy on what's 'civil'. Some people don't rate civility, frankly.Did you know Morgan was fired in the UK by the Daily Mirror for fabricating a news story and then trying to lie his way out of it?

Sarah Palin's relevance is going to become quite obvious in 2014 and 2016, either behind the scenes or in the forefront of them. Telling FOX that she's not particularly relevant now is just a simple truth she used to ridicule TIME's choices. I also notice that you had no comment on the obscene way she and her family were the victims of organized attacks originating from the White House and the professional left. Hey, just ignore what you can't answer, eh? Duly noted.

You term the interview between Gregory and Lapierre as a 'beatdown'? Did you even watch the video or read the article I linked to, or again, do you just process what fits your worldview and ignore the rest?

What we saw in fact was a barely in control David Gregory spouting utter nonsense, interrupting LaPierre constantly and waving around a 30 shot magazine, as if banning them would be the cure all. Do have a clue how easy it is to make a magazine in your garage, given a few tools, a little knowledge some wire and some metal? Obviously not.

LaPierre is simply correct. Gun regulation doesn't work, All it does is make the law abiding more vulnerable.

And yes, as I wrote in the article, this is a choice issue. Like his fellow elites and members of the Ruling Class, Gregory's covered. This talking head hypocrite works in a building with extensive private security, his kids go to an exclusive private school with an 11 person security department as well as the Secret Service in attendance because President Obama's kids go there, and I'd bet my dollar to your dime that he has extensive private security in his home, wherever it is.He doesn't need to own firearms because he can afford to hire it out.

What the left hates is the idea that the grubby common folk might want to be able to own the means to defend themselves, their property and their families.

You chose to attempt some heavy handed ridicule rather than face up to that, but the truth is that the left is entirely against freedom of choice except when it comes to abortion.

They literally foam at the mouth at the idea that mere individuals should be able to choose whether to own firearms or not, whether or not to vote with their feet and opt out of dysfunctional public schools, whether or not to belong to as union, whom they may hire, what they may do with their private property, how illegal aliens are treated regardless of the laws involved, and numerous other facets of public and private life the government has no business controlling.

The left likes this because most 'progressives;' are essentially fascist.It's all about collective control. The cover of Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism', a happy face with a Hitler mustache had it exactly right.