Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Best Comment On The Sandy Hook Tragedy

The above is a picture taken at an ordinary elementary school in Israel.( h/t Powerline)

If a maniac or Arab terrorist attacks these kids, they aren't defenseless.

Imagine how many lives this heroine,first grade teacher Vicki Soto
could have saved if she'd been armed and trained, including, perhaps, her own.

As it was, she did the only thing she could to save her children..she put her body between them and the killer and took a bullet for them.


Bruce Salant said...

One of the most proactive preventative measures we can take to protect Children in schools is to at least have protective Shields which could give staff a fighting chance to stop the shooter without being shot. It seems to me in most school shootings staff have tried to take on the shooter without any protection-Surely we have at least that technology to help.I believe it would prevent at least some children's death. Former School Principal Bruce Salant-Canada.

Anonymous said...

The blog post that you point to has this as the last line:

"It is curious, but true, that even those killers who do not intend to survive their crimes never seem to open fire in the presence of another armed person. No one tries to shoot up a biker bar."

This genius obviously didn't Goodle "biker bar shootout" before hitting post. It would be funny if you guys weren't so busy shooting 6 year olds.