Monday, December 24, 2012

NBC's David Gregory - A Prime Example Of How Lefty Elites Think

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre appeared on NBC's Meet The Press yesterday, hosted by David Gregory. As you would expect, Gregory was nasty, rude and borderline hysterical toward LaPierre for actually insisting on defending the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

There's only one fact LaPierre got wrong, concerning school shooting in Israel. What you had was one horrific terrorist attack at a school in Ma'alot that killed 25 children and teachers who were taken hostage. After that, the Israelis became a lot more security conscious and simply allowed teachers, many of whom had served in the Idf and were in the reserve to bring their military weapons to school.

Among other fallacies, Gregory doesn't have a clue that magazines are incredibly easy to fabricate, so thinking that banning high capacity magazines is going to prevent another Sandy Hook is pure crack induced fantasy.

 But here's the real kicker. Gregory is a perfect example of exactly the kind of monied leftist elite who want other people disarmed and wants other people's children defenseless while he and his own children are protected by - wait for it - armed security guards.

Gregory's children attend the ultra elite Sidwell Friends school in DC. The school has a security department made up of at least 11 people, many of whom are police officers. In addition, since President Obama's two daughters go there as well, the Secret Service is in attendance.

Gregory, you see, has no need to carry a gun because he can afford to hire that out. When he's at work, NBC's private security protects him, his children are well guarded at their private school and I guarantee you that whatever tony security building, gated community or suburb he calls home is as well.He may even be a subscriber to an private armed response security company, the private 911 of the monied elite. What he objects to is a bunch of rubes in flyover country without his paycheck having the audacity to retain the ability to protect themselves and their families. They've lived in the bubble so long that they can barely even imagine how other people live, and they care much more about their agenda than they do about the lives of you, your property or you loved ones.

This is the argument about school choice all over again. The David Gregorys, the Diane Feinsteins and the Barack Obamas have their needs covered, many times at the public's expense. They recoil in horror at giving the peasants the choice to do the same.


GW said...

The great unwashed masses are not to be trusted to make their own decisions, let alone to be armed. I am becoming ever more convinced that the left in our country is every bit as totalitarian as Stalin or Lenin, it is just that they have to move incrementally here.

Merry Christmas, Rob

Rob said...

Merry Christmas and a wolf howl, GW!

Please drop by more often...