Friday, December 14, 2012

Rice Out, John Kerry In As Secretary of State?

Now that UN Ambassador Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration, the new favorite for the next Obama Secretary of State is none other than John Kerry.

Interesting choice.

Here's someone who committed, by his own admission, de facto treason during war time by meeting with North Vietnamese commissars in Paris to discuss strategies for undermining the U.S. war effort.

It's de facto rather than actual de jure treason only because Vietnam wasn't a declared war and the legal definition of treason is limited to wartime.

Then there's his phony testimony before congress during the Winter Soldiers hearing.

In more recent activity, there's his active cooperation in attempts to sabotage the Iraq surge strategy, his consistently being proven to be on the wrong side of most issues during his tenure on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his assertion that only idiots end up serving in our military, his shilling for US aid for Syria's Basher Assad, insisting that Israel should be forced to cede half of Jerusalem and the strategic Golan to the Arabs....

Yes, a real piece of work.

On the other hand, he's probably a perfect choice to be a part of the Obama Administration. He's exactly their idea of what a secretary of state should be, at least since Susan Rice made too many enemies in the Senate on both sides of the aisle to get confirmed.

Lurch will probably make it through just fine, although it would be only poetic justice if some senator pulled the same nonsense on him that he did during the eminently qualified John Bolton's nomination process as UN Ambassador during the Bush Administration.

His performance in office is likely another matter entirely.

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