Monday, December 10, 2012

Arab States Pledge To Provide PA With $100 Million Monthly


This is actually pretty funny.

The Arab states met in Doha Qatar and agreed to implement something they agreed on last March, $100 million  per month as a safety net for the Palestinian Authority since Israel is now using the tax duties it collects and applying them towards 'Palestine's ' unpaid electrical bills.

Apparently there were a lot of pledges, but not much cash , as is the norm for the Arab nations when it comes to 'Palestine':

The statement did not give details of how the money would be paid or who would pay, but Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby said a mechanism has been agreed.

"The mechanism is that the chair of the committee (Qatar) and the
secretary-general will contact each country with the exact amount they have to pay," Elaraby told Reuters after the meeting. "I said I want an answer in 15 days," he added.

So the committee is going to figure out each nation's share, dun them and expect them to just fork over with arguing and fighting about it? Good luck with that!

In any case, the PA now says it needs $240 million every month to keep things going and pay its 153,000 employees.Of course, that includes salary payments to convicted terrorist murderers sitting in Israeli jails and Sufa Arafat's $100,000 per month allowance for the good life in Paris.

Now the Pals claim a population in th eareas they occupy in Judea and amaria of around 2.5 million, which includes 250,000 Arabs who are not Israeli citizens but live there. The PA is also notorious for overestimating their population, because donor aid is frequently figured on a per capita basis, and the overage provides a nice margin for siphoning off cash to well connected pockets. Let's err on the side of generosity and say 2 million. If we also eliminate the people who live in refugee camps on the UN's dime, something like one out of every ten or twelve Palestinians works for the government!

That's certain to produce a vibrant, self supporting economy.

In any event, we'll see if the current round of pledges actually net anything. My guess is that anything the Arabs give their Palestinian 'brothers' will be for services rendered, and in the end Abbas and company will try to work the usual scam and turn to America and the EU for their jirzyah

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Money Jihad said...

With as much oil wealth as the Arab states/GCC have, it's quite telling about their true intentions that they rarely follow through with their foreign aid pledges.