Monday, December 03, 2012

Prosecutors in Trayvon Martin Case Finally Release Picture of Zimmerman Showing Broken Nose

The prosecutors in the Trayvon Martin case finally released a clear, digital photo taken by police on the night of the incident showing George Zimmerman's injuries.The B&W next to it is what the prosecution originally released..which,as you can see, is a lot less explicit and open to a lot more interpretation.For instance, the blood is not clearly visible.

As you can see, his nose is clearly broken and he appears to have been pummeled MMA style..exactly as witnesses said originally.It backs up Zimmerman's story, that he was in fear of grave bodily harm.

The media, of course isn't reporting on this at all. Remember when they were saying Zimmerman had no injuries?

The photo and other evidence was released in what was called 'supplemental discovery'. What that means in LegalSpeak is that this wasn't released originally in discovery, the legal process in which both sides are supposed to reveal their evidence to each other before trial.

When there's supplemental discovery, that normally means that one side found out about evidence that should have been released to them originally under the rules of discovery and had to make a formal request to the court to obtain it.

Since this picture definitely helps Zimmerman's defense and was withheld, I think we're talking prosecutorial misconduct.

Zimmerman is up for Murder 2.I don't see how they convict him unless the jury is racially motivated.


Bourbon said...

Yup. Proprietorial misconduct.

Bourbon said...

freaking spell checker...

ChugChug said...

There are SOOO many "experts" and haters in this case... SO full of your own opinions. Good thing none of you is on the jury for this case. Most of you would not understand truth if you met it on the street and it walked right up to you.

Tantric Logic said...

Yeah, Chug Chug..let's just hang him now, and pin a sign saying 'RACIST'! on his chest. Why bother with a trial? After all, Obama, Holder and Al Sharpton all say he's guilty. What more do we need?

You're the hater, and truth is not in you.

Be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

After reading all the stories about the Trayvon Martin case,and Zimmerman claiming self defense.If Trayvon did hit Zimmerman as Zimmerman claims,common sense should tell anybody that Trayvon was acting in self defense.I know that if I was walking alone at night and was approached by a strange questioning me and making accusations with a gun...I would have opened a can of woop ass on
him to...That's my Life! Any human being would have done the same thing (if Trayvon hit him at all).Hands Down!