Sunday, December 09, 2012

Under Pressure, Egypt's Morsi Annuls Most of Dictatorial Decree - But Gets What He Wanted


Apparently, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi reacted to domestic unrest in Cairo
and perhaps even some pressure from Washington.

He has annulled a large part of the decree he issued on November 22 that gave him near-absolute dictatorial power..except for the most important part, the part he really wanted.

Morsi chiefly wanted to protect his Islamist-dominated constitution-writing panel from dissolution by Egypt’s highest court. The new sharia-licious constitution was duly passed by the Islamist dominated parliament and the December 15 referendum vote on accepting it that the opposition had wanted canceled is going to go ahead as planned. Martial law, of course, will still continue.

The Islamist constitution will likely pass, and when it does, Morsi is going to get everything he wanted anyway. And all done democratically too.

Hitler, where ever he is would applaud this masterstroke. It's reminiscent of how he and the Nazis came to power.

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Geoffrey Britain said...

Yup. Morsi and the Brotherhood are moving right along toward their goal of "fundamentally transforming" Egypt into a Sunni version of Iran.

But unlike the US with its evenly split electorate, Egypt is essentially unified in its support of Shariah.

Despite the Western media's attempts to portray the Egyptian protestors as a significant force, they are in a nation of 80million, a small percentage.

84% of Egyptians both support the death penalty for apostasy and elected the 84% brotherhood majority in Egypt's parliament.

The new shariah compliant constitution will pass by a similar margin.

Obama has given us another Iran.