Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How the Left Excuses Obama's Schmoozing with Dictators


A comment came in this morning from one of my readers on the Left that said "About President Obama Shaking Raul Castro’s Hand…".

It wasn't published because it contained a link to Mad King Chuckle's asylum over at Little Green Footballs, which I and a plethora of other sites refuse to link to for reasons you can discover for yourself here.

And by the way, my prediction about Chuckles getting shut out by both sides and dropping like a stone came just took a bit longer than I thought.

So what did the linked article contain? Pictures of people who, in Chuckles mind are 'right wing fascists' shaking hands with dictators. Of course, there's nothing in the gallery like Madeline Albright smiling and drinking champagne with Kim Jong-il in North Korea, Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton sucking Yasser Arafat's extended appendage, Tony Blair kissing Khaddaffi, nothing like that.

Instead, we see things Nixon shaking hands with Mao, President Reagan in an obviously posed picture with Soviet leader Gorbachev,Kissinger shaking hands with Chilean dictator Pinochet, Churchill shaking hands with Stalin, an ancient picture of Newt Gingrich with Arafat and a picture of George HW Bush shaking hands with Hugo Chavez as an ex-president.

Again, this is a teachable moment on how the Left lies as a matter of instinct. It's worth a peek, since a ton of White House connected Lefties got their marching orders from the White House this morning and will probably peddle the same schtick.

In the first place, we have here a fine example of one of the Left's primary arguments used as a cover for doing anything despicable - 'hey, he did it too!"

This is how eight-year-olds attempt to excuse their misdeeds when caught doing something they shouldn't by a parent or teacher. And it's an absolutely worthless argument. If one president does something wrong, (if they actually did) does that excuse the current occupant of the Oval Office from doing the same thing, just like magic? Nope.

Not only that,but you'll notice another favorite Leftist tactic, false equivalency. Over half of these photos are NOT of serving American presidents. Unfortunately for the country, President Obama is, and as such is a much bigger symbol of the country than some congressman or secretary of state.

And then, there's context. Nixon's trip to China? That was a major tour de force in geopolitical strategy, which constrained the Soviets after they had virtual free range during Jimmy Carters failed presidency, and was a big part of ending the Vietnam War because neither the Soviets or the Chinese were willing to intervene on behalf of North Vietnam and risk antagonizing America. After all, you can't blame Nixon because the radical Leftist Democrats in congress whom came in after Watergate refused to abide by the treaty we signed with Vietnam's Thieu and Cambodia's Lon Nol and allowed the commies to overrun those countries and murder and enslave millions.

Reagan and Gorbachev? Now, based on what the legacy media and the alphabet networks were putting out at the time, here I thought the Left loved them some Gorby, and also loved nuclear disarmament, which is what they our president and Gorbachev were actually.No mention, of course, that when the Soviet dictator made demands President Reagan felt were unreasonable, like abandoning our missile defense, Ronaldus Maximus simply got up and walked away. And bye bye Evil Empire.

Churchill and Stalin? Once FDR made the Soviets an ally after the Nazis invaded and put them at the top of the list for Lend Lease, thanks to Soviet sympathizer (and possible agent according to the Venona Papers)what was Churchill supposed to do, spit on him?

There are plenty of other examples of this I could give about the pictures Chuckles chose.On the other hand, there's no diplomatic or strategic excuse whatever for our president fondling Raul Castro or most of the other dictators he has a fetish for.Unlike any of the others,(the only possible exception is Iran's Rouhani, and the less said about that swamp of appeasement, the better) this is a constant pattern with him. He apparently is simply on their wavelength. He likes them and what they stand for. And that's very different, and sends a huge message...especially at an international shindig like the Mandela memorial.

It's to be expected that Chuckles and other Obama lackeys would pull this out of the nether portions of their anatomy, hoping to slide it by you as gold instead of the material it actually is. Don't be fooled.

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