Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Beast Unites..Hamas And Fatah Agree On National Unity Government


Ma'an is reporting that Hamas Commissar Khalid Mesha'al and Fatah's unelected dictator Mahmoud Abbas have agreed to join a unity Palestinian government to rule until the upcoming presidential and parliamentarian elections, whenever those actually get held:

The sources, allegedly privy to the details, said that Abbas had previously received two phone calls from Hamas' chief Khalid Mashaal and from prime minister of the Hamas-run government in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh.

The two allegedly confirmed to Abbas that Hamas had agreed to join a national unity government with Fatah.

The sources pointed out that Hamas requested that the national unity government serve for six months instead of three as agreed in the 2012 Doha Agreement, one of numerous attempts at reconciliation between the rival Palestinian factions.

Abbas might ask current Palestinian Authority prime minister Rami Hamdallah to lead the unity government, sources said.

This actually makes sense from Hamas' point of view.While there's still sporadic violence going on, the current Egyptian government has no love for Hamas and has largely squashed the Islamist movement in Egypt, putting its leaders in jail and sealing off the borders with Gaza. While Hamas survives on donor money given to them via the Palestinian Authority by gullible Western donors, Gaza has become an isolated enclave. The Saudis and the Sunni bloc have no use for them at all, and neither do the Iranians because of the failure of Hamas to imitate Iran's Hezbollah proxy and send troops to Syria.

Hamas also knows that Abbas and his cronies,the old line Fatah mafiosos have Jordanian passports and lots of money squirreled away overseas from the aid money they stole and the kleptocrat nature of the PA itself. They're on the way out, and Hamas stands to inherit the whole enterprise with a little luck.

But that,of course brings up another point. Hamas is an openly genocidal organization as well as a terrorist group as defined by the U.S. State Department. The EU and of course President Obama and his regime have never faced up to the morality of demanding that Israel make concessions and give up territory to a Palestinian Authority that openly celebrates murderers and is allied with and funding Hamas as part of the 'Palestinian movement'. They've managed to avoid dealing with this partly by just ignoring it and partly because the Doha agreement between Hamas and Fatah was never fully implemented.

If they're both going to serve in a Palestinian unity government openly, however...well, that's going to be harder to ignore, especially with Abbas continuing to refuse to make any concessions to Israel or recognize it as a Jewish state. Although I'd bet your dollar to my dime President Obama And Secretary of State John Kerry will try.


B.Poster said...

I would not take your bet on whether or not team Obama and Sec of State Kerry will try and ignore reality. The US government has been adept at doing this for a long time. To cite a few examples: 1.)the complicity of the Saudi Government and Saudi top officials in the attacks of 911 have been conveniently ignored, 2.) Iran's threats of genocide against America as in "death to America are ignored, 3.)the aggressive moves of Russia and China against us are downplayed or ignored, 4.)the massive military buildup and the close links between Russia, China, and the other BRICS who are opposed to America and any interest it may have are ignored are downplayed or ignored, 5.)the deteriorating relations between the US and its NATO "allies" and other "allies" are ignored are downplayed, 6.)the massive military buildups of Russia and China are being ignored or downplayed while the dilapidated nature of our own military equipment as well as the poor level of training and tactical direction the troops are receiving is being ignored are downplayed, 7.)China controls the Panama Canal, China is hostile to us, this canal is vital to us, this is pretended not to be a potential problem or is downplayed, 8.)it's pretended that our huge deficits and national debt are sustainable or at least are not a serious issue, 9.) it's pretended that our worn out infrastructure can simply last forever without the necessary upgrades, and 10.)we depend upon China for much of our manufactured goods, China is generally hostile to us, without these imports we are "dead in the water", while China would be slowed considerably their economy would not be dead by any means. At this rate it really is not "if" but "when" will China shut down the imports to the US. I suppose while we are self destructing they would not want to interfere any more than Napoleon wanted to interfere with an enemy making bad decisions during his time. The deeper hole we are in the higher price they can demand.

This list of where Americans and their leaders ignore reality is hardly exhaustive. In fact, it barely scratches the surface. Suffice it to say a nation and its leaders who ignore reality to such levels are in serious trouble. God help us all.

In the case of the Palestinians, the creation of a Palestinian state by whatever means necessary has been the most important part of American foreign policy for quite some time. Never mind the fact that this new state would in all likelihood be an enemy of America. Sometimes its hard for people to step back from flawed policies they've invested so much in. Frankly I don't think they have the character to do such a thing. They will need to be replaced, even by execution if necessary. God willing it will never come to that.

B.Poster said...

Another serious issue that is simply to important to ignore and should be on any list is point 11 not included above but should have been. Many in the US propose to admit via amnesty large numbers of Mexicans who are here illegally. Given that Mexico is a third world country with a culture that is not entirely compatible with America's, it is quasi hostile to us, and their exists much support within Mexico to recapture Texas as well as lands lost during the Mexican-American war it would seem unwise to allow these people in without some kind of serious vetting process. Again, nations and people who are unwilling or unable to stand up and face their problems and simply pretend they don't exist are headed for serious problems.