Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pray For Jim Hoft Over At Gateway Pundit

One of the long time fixtures of the blogosphere is Jim Hoft over at the renowned site Gateway Pundit. He also, as an aside, is a pretty nice and decent human being...and now, a victim of ObamaCare:

In August 2013 I became very sick with what I thought was a cold. After a few days I lost vision in my left eye and I checked into the hospital. I soon found out that what I thought was a summer cold was actually Strep bacteria poisoning my blood stream. The bacteria blinded my left eye, ate a hole through my heart, caused five strokes on both sides of my brain and forced the removal of my prosthetic left knee.

Dr. Lee was the surgeon assigned to perform open heart surgery. What was originally scheduled to last four hours ended up lasting twelve. My heart was severely damaged. Dr. Lee later told me the surgery was one of the most difficult of his career. He also said I only had a few days to live without the surgery.

Thanks to the excellent insurance I carried I was able to receive life-saving medical treatment at St. Louis University.

This week I found out I am going to lose my insurance. The company that carried me is leaving the Missouri market. I will have to find something else.

I am one of the millions who will be looking for new insurance. God willing, I will be able to keep my doctors at St. Louis University. I trust them. They saved my life. Please pray for me and the millions of working Americans who are going through this same ordeal.

Why is our government doing this to us?

Well Jim, it's because they feel they can..and because they don't feel they're our government, but that we're their cash cow.

Simply disgraceful.

Rest assured Jim that prayers for a refuah shlemiah, a complete a total recovery addressed to the Maker of us all are a given...and I'll see what I can do to add to the prayer circle, because there are lots of us who care about you and wish you the best.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft is holding a Wheel-In Obamacare protest this Saturday between 11 AM CT to Noon at Senator Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis office, located at 5850 Delmar Blvd, Ste. A, St. Louis, Missouri 63112. Jim will be leading the protest in his wheel chair, with the theme, Why is Our Government Punishing the American People-Give Us Back Our Healthcare!”.

More info here.


capitalism lover said...

Why is our government doing this to us?

Jim, your government isn't doing anything to you. Your insurance company is a private company that made a decision for profit and now you're screwed. It's the free market, baby. And if you die, well that's survival of the fittest because you didn't pony up the money for your surgery. Blame the government all you want. In a few months, we don't have to listen to you whine about it. Buy your own insurance and stop being a moocher, Jimboy.

Rob said...

Ah, another denizen of the Left who mixes ignorance with the typical compassion these people show.The Kulaks must die, eh?

ObamaCare prohibits Hoft's policy from being sold, because it either doesn't contain provision Hoft decided he didn't want or need, because the hospitals and doctors it used opted out because they refused to go broke accepting ObamaCare's onerous regs and below market survival pay rates, or both.

That's assuming he wants to risk his personal data on the easily hackable website, which still doesn't have provision for people to actually buy insurance, just to register..and the vast majority of the people who registered are medicaid patients who aren't paying anything.

That news should have penetrated mommy's basement and gotten to you, even if elementary things like compassion and empathy for others didn't.

Go gargle razor blades, please.

UCSPanther said...

@capitalism "lover"

Do you even have a soul, you sick excuse for a human being?

I doubt it. You are too hooked up in your mind warping ideology to even know what I mean.

B.Poster said...

Praying for Jim and will add him to the prayer list at my church. I'm so sorry this has happened to him. It could have easily been me.

As to why our government is doing this to us, I've long felt that Mr. Obama and his team are bumbling idiots but I'm beginning to come to the conclusion they are just plain evil. Perhaps its a combination of being idiots combined with being evil.

Essentially we had a health care system that while it did have some flaws it essentially worked. Basic common sense suggests if something isn't broken, don't fix it!!

If the goal of Mr. Obama and his team was single payer government controlled health care (socialized medicine) and ACA was to be an intermediate step, he and his team really are idiots. If he wanted socialized medicine, he and his team could have very easily skipped ACA entirely and gone directly to socialized medicine. Getting all Democrats on board would have been easy. Using the media to shill for a policy that over half of the population would have supported back in 2010 would not have been terribly difficult. The final step of picking off enough Republicans to get the bill through Congress would have been a formality.

Now if the goal is simply to hurt people and make them suffer, then ACA fits the bill (literally) quite well. I'm beginning to think that Obama and his team really are just plain evil people and not mere dunces.

Rob said...

I normally don't allow the type of garbage peddled by 'capitalism lover' on the board, but I wanted you to see the kind of thing I normally flush, and why comment moderation is unfortunately necessary.

Joshuapundit is one of the few sites that still allows anonymous comments. I'm slowly becoming convinced that I may have to change that policy.

Some people simply can't handle freedom.

louielouie said...

i think c/l and anon should get their stories straight.
anon was in a previous thread saying the repubs plan was to go ahead and die.
it sounds as if c/l is advocating a repub plan.
i think you should continue your policy as is. we all need to know what the communists are up to, and if they want to come into this forum and tell us, that's fine by me.
bottom line, it's your blog.

Rob said...

Hopefully CL and 'Anonymous' are the same person.CL was trying to be 'satirical'. I realize the reality, but I'd rather not have much to do with two people that stupid, even when it comes to the arm's length of the internet.

Now, watch this person send me a spittle soaked, profanity laden comment saying 'we're
not the same person..honest!'