Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The ObamaCare Xmas Present Obama Plans - Single Payer And A Taxpayer Bailout

Unfortunately, here's a nasty lump of coal for your stocking, courtesy of President Obama and his Democrats.For al the talk about ObamaCare crashing and burning on its own, did you really think our Dear Leader and his friends were going to let that happen just because it's dysfunctional and the American people are finally on to what a plundering of the nation's wealth it is?

Regular readers of these pages will know that I have always said that ObamaCare was merely intended as a gateway to force single payer, government run healthcare on the nation, like it or not. Harry Reid and others have admitted as much. As Dr. Charles Krauthammer explains above, the pathway to single payer was baked into this destructive piece of tyranny from the start, with provisions for a massive, mandated taxpayer bailout if not enough people sign up for the exchanges...exactly what's happening now.

Insurance companies will become government-controlled lackeys, you and your family will be shaken down to pay ultra high rates for rationed, inferior health care and yet another one of those quasi-independent occupations that used to provide Americans with a middle class living will disappear as insurance agents are replaced by ObamaCare navigators.

The president and his team will try to shove this through by executive order if need be, citing massive damage to the insurance industry unless they bail it out. They will, of course, not mention that this is damage they willfully caused.Or that simply revoking ObamaCare would allow the industry to rebuild over time.

One possible prevention is a bill passed in congress that prevents a bailout of the insurance companies in exchange for raising the debt ceiling...if the Republicans unite behind it, a big if. Marco Rubio is pushing for just such a bill right now in the Senate, and provided Boehner and the House go along there might be enough vulnerable Democrats in congress to support it as well.

As an alternative, the House could simply stand up to the president for once, do the job the Constitution mandated them to do and refuse to allocate funds for the bailout.

In any event, you need to contact your members of congress and insist on no bailout for insurance companies. Now.

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B.Poster said...

Generally for the most part since 2009, I've assumed that Mr. Obama and his team are merely incompetent as opposed to vindictive and evil. I'm beginning to change my mind on this.

If the goal really was single payer fully government controlled health care from the beginning, the intermediate step of ACA was unnecessary. Simply go straight to single payer health care. No other step is necessary.

Such an approach would have had nearly universal Democrat support, substantial support among "Independents", and moderate support among Republicans. If Republican lawmakers initially balked, the Democrats simply use their media supporters to attack the Republican position and drum up support for the plan with the result being enough Republicans are picked off to guarantee passage of single payer health care. This model has worked well for Democrats for decades when either pushing policies or blocking policies pushed by Republicans.

Additionally prior to ACA the concept of single payer healthcare would have found substantial support among the American people. After the shortcomings of ACA, the American people are less likely to support single payer healthcare than they would have before. As such, the idea of ACA being an intermediate step does not quite seem to fit quite right.

Now if the goal was and is to inflict pain and suffering on the American people in a vindictive and cruel fashion as the primary goal with the secondary goal being single payer health care then ACA would quite literally fit the bill quite well. After all this President and his team seem to play quite nicely with anti-American individuals. In order to play well with these people, one would likely need to find some commonality with them.