Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Huge 2nd Amendment Victory - FLA. Court Rules Colleges Cannot Ban Guns


The young woman pictured above is Alexandria Lainez, a single mom who sued the University of North Florida over the right to carry a gun in her vehicle while attending classes at UNF so she would be able to defend herself and her child while traveling to and from campus.

“I think it’s pretty important to be able to protect myself and my son, especially with that long commute to and from school.”

Ms. Lainez, 24, has had a concealed weapons permit for three years, has taken gun safety courses and is a proud member of Florida Carry, a state chapter of a number of organizations defending 2nd amendment rights.

When the UNF ruled that she was not allowed to have a fire arm on UNF property which includes their parking lots, she sued...and won.

The Florida appeals court ruled that UNF was violating state law and that “No college or university has the authority” to make such a regulation. This decision is huge, and will affect 2nd Amendment rights statewide.

In Florida, a state law in 1987 prohibited local governments from passing local gun control ordinances stricter than those passed by the legislature, but there were no penalties for non-compliance, a number of local governments didn't comply and passed there ownlaws and regulations.

In 2011, the Legislature passed another law that provided for hefty fines and removal from office for elected officials and allowing for personal damages up to $100,000 for violations.

After that most local governments complied, but a few politically correct bastions like UNF remained scofflaws.

It remains to be seen whether UNF decides to appeal. According to UNF Associate Director for Public Relations Joanna Norris, in spite of the ruling, until the university decides whether to pursue this, UNF's anti-gun regulations will remain in effect and they will continue to break the law.

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