Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas


I want to wish all of my readers, both those whom celebrate and those whom don't a joyous and blessed Christmas...filled with warmth, light, love and cheer.


Anonymous said...

Burn in hell, you shit.

You're everything that's wrong with the internet.

Rob said...

Gee, all by myself? Little ol' me?

Who knew I had such awesome power?

Thanks for giving me a good laugh, much appreciated. Be careful about choking on all that rancid bile though, OK?

And Merry Christmas!

B.Poster said...

I know you don't celebrate Christmas. For those of us like myself who do, we all need to think long and hard about many things. For example "the Christmas Spirit." Also, we're all much nicer to one another this time of year.:-) If we tried to carry this to other times of the year, the world would be much better.

May you and yours be blessed on Christmas day and every day of the year. You and yours are always in my prayers. G_d bless you on this day and all days.