Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Classic -Obamacare Architect Is 'Sorry' That He Was Caught, Not that He Lied

This is a classic portrait of the how the Left looks at things.

ObamaCare architect Dr. Jonathan Gruber was recently outed for remarks he made on the making of Obamacare...namely that it was deliberately worded to deceive people, and that without what he called a 'lack of transparency' the bill wouldn't have passed. He also added that Obamacare passed due to the "stupidity of the American voter."

Thise comments went viral, so here is Dr. Gruber on MSNBC (of course!) with Ronan Farrow to 'apologize':

RONAN FARROW: First of all, you haven't publicly commented on this so far. Do you stand by the comments in that video?

JONATHAN GRUBER: The comments on that video were made at an academic conference. I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments.

FARROW: But your point that you were making underneath the choice of words was actually quite nuanced. You were saying essentially, correct me if I am wrong, that due to political pressures, the language of Obamacare had to be somewhat opaque, somewhat lacking in transparency, is that correct?

GRUBER: This is something that you've seen actually going back into the Clinton and Bush presidencies which is that public policy that involves spending is typically less political palatable than policy that involves doing things for the tax code. It would have made more sense to do Obamacare the way we did in Massachusetts, which would be to just give people money to offset the cost of their health insurance.

That was politically infeasible and instead it was done through the tax code and that's the only point I was making.

Even with Farrow throwing him a softball, it's easy to translate this horse manure, because Dr, Gruber isn't nearly as clever as he thinks he is...and many of the rest of us aren't as stupid as he thinks we are.So let's translate:

"Hey, I was basking in the admiration of my fellow Lefties in academia,and none of this was supposed to leak out. I was pretty honest about stuff because I figured I was among, you know, people down for the struggle, I felt like doing a little chest thumping abour how I put one over on the slobs in flyover country and I never figured this would get out. Now, I'm sorry I shot my mouth off and I wish I hadn't."

"You see, Ronan - and of course, I'm also addressing the hundred or so people you have watching right now - progressive fascists like us always have to lie, connive and use ambiguous language to fool the peons for the greater good. And by the way, giggle, it really was a tax bill after all! It's a lot easier to shove this stuff through that way since most ordinary people don't understand the Tax Code anyway.Heck, even I don't understand it, not really. But neither did Congress. And, I mean,it's not like we gave 'em time to actually read it anyway. "

That really is how the Left operates. They make horrendous messes and then leave others to clean up after them.

Millions of people lost their health insurance, saw their premiums escalate to the point where they literally can't afford health insurance anymore or are paying obscene amounts for a lot less coverage than they used to have at far more affordable rates. People have lost their jobs, or have had their hours cut to part time all because of the mess people like Gruber put together at the behest of their Lord and Master in the White House.

And he can't even muster the decency to says he's sorry for what he did...or for the deliberate and malicious deception he used to do it.

He's only sorry that it accidentally was exposed.

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