Tuesday, November 18, 2014

War On Women! Democrats Keep Pregnant Congresswoman From Voting


Rep.Tammy Duckworth(D-IL) is a fairly radical progressive who I don't agree with on much, but what happened to her today at the hands of the Democrat leadership is absolutely disgraceful.

The House Democrats are voting now on whom will be their new ranking members in the various committees in the next congress. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr.(D-NJ) is running for the position of ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s close friend and fellow Californian, Rep. Anna G. Eshoo.

Rep. Duckworth is a veteran of Iraq and a double amputee as well as being heavily pregnant.

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Because of her condition which makes it impossible for her to travel to DC right now, she asked permission to cast a proxy vote for her preferred candidate, Rep. Pallone.

Nancy Pelosi used her muscle to turn Duckworth down flat..simply because Pelosi knew Duckworth was backing Pallone:

Pelosi reiterated her decision at a news conference Monday, telling reporters: “The rules of the caucus are the same as the rules of the House. No proxy voting. … The fact is is that it’s really important to be here, to be in caucus. It’s more important to vote on the floor. If I were to make a fight, I’d vote to have a proxy vote on the floor than in whatever’s going on in the caucus.”

Duckworth herself has not weighed in on the controversy, releasing an even-keeled statement on Thursday night, shortly after her request was denied.

“I submitted a request to the Caucus to allow for a proxy vote due to my pregnancy. The Caucus chose not to allow me to vote via proxy. I respect the process and very much appreciated my colleagues who made sure my request was considered,” she said.

The vote is expected to be close. Does anyone doubt that if Tammy Duckworth was voting for Pelosi's choice, the rules would have been bent to allow her a proxy vote? I mean, it isn't as if the Democrats didn't bend the rules whenever they felt like it back when they had a veto proof majority in both houses, now is it?

While the linked article supposedly highlights Democrat anger with this decision, the fact remains that Pelosi had enough of her fellow House Democrats behind her to get her way and pull this off.

I guarantee you the Republicans wouldn't have done this to her. They respect veterans and women.

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