Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jordan's Parliament Offers A Prayer In Honor Of Jerusalem Murderers


Jordan supposedly has a peace agreement with Israel, just like the one the groupies of the Two State Solution want Israel and 'Palestine' to have. Here's a great look at the reality of what that means.

The Elder of Ziyon has the story..Jordan's Parliament (mainly composed of Arabs whom identify  themselves as Palestinians) not only didn't condemn yesterday's horrendous murders, they actually honored the killers by reciting a Muslim prayer in chambers in their honor:

 On Wednesday, Jordan's parliament offered a prayer in honor of the spirit of Ghassan Abu Jamal and Uday Abu Jamal - the terrorists who slaughtered five people. The prayer was held as the House of representatives session opened.

MP Khalil Attieh requested his fellow representatives to recite the Fatiha for the "spirit of the heroes."

The Fatiha is the first chapter of the Koran, recited on important occasions.

Attieh further declared that the murders were a "natural reaction to the occupation crimes against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians.  In addition, MP Mohammed Al-Qatathh of the House of Representatives issued a statement to the assembly condemning the "Zionist attack on Jerusalem and its people" in the wake of "the heroic operation" on the synagogue in Har Nof.

Yes, 'heroic'..murdering four unarmed elderly rabbis at prayer and a Druze traffic cop without any protective gear who tried to stop them with a gun and meat cleavers.

You can tell a lot about a people by what they honor and whom they make heroes out of.

The Jordanian minister of media affairs issued a vague statement on the attack, saying that the government of Jordan "condemns the targeting of civilians, and denounce all acts of violence and terrorism against civilians, no matter who or why it is done.".

As you see, they weren't condemning it at all in their parliament. They were celebrating the deed and the perpetrators.Since America is so tight with Jordan, perhaps someone should ask Jen Psaki about that.

This is exactly the kind of faux 'peace' Israel could expect...except in the case of Hamas/Fatah, it would be 'Palestine' itself murdering Jews, not just applauding someone else doing it.

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