Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dems Throw Mary Landrieu To The wolves, Reject Keystone Pipeline

 Mary Landrieu is pictured. | AP Photo

Embattled Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu was on her knees, literally. She begged her fellow Democrats in the lame duck Senate to vote to pass the Keystone Pipeline, because she saw it as the only slim chance she had left to save her seat in the coming run off election in energy conscious Louisiana.

It failed to pass the Senate.

You see, it was one thing for her to whore herself out for ObamaCare and the rest of that putrid agenda.But now, she's no longer useful, and a lot of the far Left Democrat Senators, especially the ones from blue states who didn't lose their seats  saw no reason to buck the president and the climate change nazis just to save her copious behind. Come December 6th, she will be pitted against Republican Bill Cassidy, who's comfortably ahead even in Democrat polls like PPP. She's almost certain to lose.

The Republicans together with the more sensible senate Democrats will pass this in January, and given that today's vote was 59-41 and the GOP will have made 9 pickups when the new senate sits, they likely have a veto proof majority to pass something that should have been passed years ago.

I admit that I enjoy seeing Landrieu booted out, but it does recall something I read about how the SDS, the communists  and other radical groups operated. They would start by recruiting useful idiots for the more benign 'social justice' parts of their agenda and cynically use them for as long as they could, gradually demanding loyalty on the more radical parts until the mark simply wasnlt willing to go along anymore..after which they'd be dumped and ostracized.

The SDS used to talk about people like Mary Landrieu as being 'on the bus' for as long as they were down for the agenda and made it a point to massage them on how important they were to the movement, how much they were loved, yadda yadda.  And once the bus reached a place where the mark voiced misgivings or hesitated, they were off the bus and that was that.

Mary Landrieu is off the bus.In fact, she's under it.


louielouie said...

the internet is an interesting thing/entity.
from a speech given on 4/6/2010, ms. landrieu states:

"I don't need this job badly enough -- maybe some people do, I don't -- to throw the people of my state under the bus to protect myself politically," Landrieu said in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor.

video footage of landrieu going home, to wherever that is.

B.Poster said...

"...they likely will have a veto proof majority..." While this may be true, is it possible that some democrats might have voted yea to the Keystone in order to help Ms. Landrieu and she simply did not get enough of them? As such, might these votes flip back to nay when it comes up again thus denying the veto proof majority needed? Also, knowing this likely was not going to pass with a veto proof majority anyway so is it possible the "climate change Nazis" did not waste energy opposing it? When the new Senate is seated, might they spend more effort bribing and blackmailing Senators to vote nay getting the Democrats who voted yes to flip those votes nay and perhaps getting a few Republicans to vote nay as well?

While I like your optimism that a veto proof majority is "likely," very respectfully such optimism seems unwarranted. While I agree this should have been passed long ago, might it be a bit late now?

You see even if the pipeline gets passed Canada has likely already made other arrangements to sell this oil to countries like China. Might we pass a bill to build a pipeline and find out the country who was going to supply the oil as has already made other arrangements leaving us with a pipeline but no oil?

Frankly the pipeline for Canada never made much sense to me anyway. Why enter a contract with a bankrupt, has been, country like the US when contracts to sell this can be entered into with up and coming countries like China and India. Also, Russia hates the US with a passion unmatched in the history of civilization. I'd think it unwise for Canada to do business with the US on much of any level. P!ssing off nations like Russia simply does not make good business sense. Unfortunately American leaders seem to stupid to figure this one out. I'm sure the Russian and Chinese leadership are enjoying watching US leaders humiliate themselves and the country they are supposed to be representing.

louielouie said...

ff has many more literary skills than i.
here, he demonstrates the use of mutually exclusive terms:

with the more sensible senate Democrats

well done ff.
well done.

Rob said...

Just, you know, comparatively speaking Louie. ; )