Monday, November 24, 2014

Darren Wilson Not Indicted: "No True Bill"


The prosecuting attorney, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has just addressed the media to inform them of the Grand Jury's decision.

They pretty much went along with the facts revealed here and elsewhere.

The prosecuting attorney described the coordination between the St. Louis County investigation and the federal investigation of the Departmwent of Justice, that they shared information and that their conclusions were essentially the same.

H described the theft at the convenience store, said that the evidence showed that Michael Brown was the aggressor, that he attempted to take Officer Darren Wilson's gun inside the vehicle, and that the physical evidence revealed that a lot of the 'eyewitnesses'  accounts were simply bogus, and had no relation to that physical evidence. The prosecuting attorney went over some of the fairy tales, and also revealed that a lot of them changed their story once they were confronted with the physical evidence.

All three autopsies were consistent. There were also many witnesses who said that Brown had his hands stretched out ,or clenched into fists and that he was shot as he continued to move towards Officer Wilson after being ordered to stop.

Let the rioting and looting commence, I suppose.

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