Sunday, November 09, 2014

What We Know About Loretta Lynch So Far - And It's Not Pretty

President Barack Obama has nominated Loretta Lynch as his nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. She's the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, appointed by President Obama in January of 2010.

The announcement during the lame duck session is an obvious attempt to get her approved and in the saddle before the congress gets seated. That in itself is disturbing, since it indicated that her views are probably radical enough that she would be unable to be confirmed otherwise.

The indications of exactly how radical she might be are limited thus far but revealing. Among other things, she is close to Obama intimate Al Sharpton,who obviously vetted her.

Sharpton bragged publicly back in September that he and his National Action Network were 'working with the White House' on picking a new successor for the departing Eric Holder.

According to one of my sources, Sharpton met with Loretta Lynch twice, once on August 21, 2014 at her Brooklyn office and a second time during the third week of October at Sharpton's offices on 136th street in New York.

The final decision was likely made at a meeting with the president that occurred November 5th, the day after the midterms. The attendees included NAACP President Cornell Brooks, National Urban League President Marc Morial, Sharpton, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation President Melanie Campbell, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights President Wade Henderson and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund President Sherrilyn Ifill.

The White House refused to comment when asked whether a successor to Holder was discussed, but the almost immediate announcement of Lynch's appointment and several stories extolling her virtues and qualifications that appear to have been written and ready for publication by some of the president's media allies tells us that it's almost a certainty Lynch was given the nod at the November 5th meeting.

Aside from her relationship with Sharpton, there are other indications thus far that she's pretty much in the same mold as Eric Holder. For instance, in a very revealing speech in Long Beach, New York earlier this year, she specifically named voter ID laws as racist and accused schools of being 'racist' and disproportionately using zero tolerance policies for drugs and violence to target minorities.

Actually, those zero tolerance policies are now starting to be changed in some schools thanks to the Obama Justice Department. Whites and Asians and in some cases Latinos are going to be suspended automatically under the zero tolerance rules just like before, but blacks will now have a preferred status, and will be subject to additional 'reviews' other words, they won't be suspended for the same offenses other students would be.

Her rant on 'voter ID laws and about those supposedly racist Southern schools starts at about 30:10. And note her remarks about Soviet-trained Nelson Mandela, her whitewash of ANC terrorism and her equating conditions here in America with South Africa's Apartheid :

“The dream is still continuing not only in the courts but in our schools,” Ms. Lynch explained. “And we all know, education is the key. And we understand that discipline is important. We understand that rules are important.”

She continued, “But we also know that when we sit and look at schools that have the zero tolerance programs, they are often used, and they take our babies, minority children, black children, Hispanic children, and they put them out of school before they have a chance to learn.

“And so the Department of Justice, this past year, has gone into the South, although we’re looking further, and brought the first prison, school-to-prison pipeline cases against school districts in Alabama.”

Let's see..exaggerated sense of racial grievance? Check.

Hates voter ID laws, because they might help cut down on voter fraud, a Democrat fave? Check.

Typical lefty, who conflates violent terrorism with 'fighting for their rights' and equates a self admitted Soviet-trained terrorist leader with Martin Luther King, a true civil rights icon? Check. Probably hearts Che and Arafat too.

Favors race-based standards and selective harassment and prosecutions, i.e towards 'white southern schools' as opposed to all others? Check.

Hangs with anti-semitic race hustlers like Al Sharpton? Check.

Yes, I'd say she's definitely 'down for the struggle,' wouldn't you? And I have a feeling we're just beginning to find out about Loretta Lynch.


William Teach said...

"“And so the Department of Justice, this past year, has gone into the South, although we’re looking further, and brought the first prison, school-to-prison pipeline cases against school districts in Alabama.”"

Perhaps she and her compatriots should take a look more in Blue areas, particularly Northern area schools, and see what their policies have really wrought amongst minorities.

Danny Davis said...

Naturally, the Democrat Senate will provide Harry Reid (D-Nv) with the 51 votes needed to confirm Lynch to the post of AG. With her "Rearend" Al $harpton pedigree, 0bama would not be able to bring her onboard as easily. So, we get another RACIAL PAYBACK AG, more intent on coddling Black criminals, than enforcing the laws of our nation.

mharper42 said...

The attendee list for Obama's Nov 5 meeting sure does illustrate why VDARE calls this the Minority Occupation Government.

Randall said...

The Democrats need only one Republican to vote Lynch out of committee. That solitary vote will be Lindsey Graham.

Anonymous said...

Obama nominated her. That's all I need to know.


Trialdog said...

Interesting history speech. Parallels between MLK and Mandela are tangential however, not substantive.
The detour into racism as imagined today by the far left and political operatives is disturbing. Ms. Lynch's next speech might well be about Don Quixote. Perhaps we'll hear that after she gets a chance to reflect on her upcoming mission.