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Strangling the Eagle - Barack Obama And Amnesty, Part I


President Obama  has now presented his amnesty by executive order to the country. Oddly enough, he appeared to want much of the country not to know exactly what he said. None of the alphabet networks covered this important speech, strange considering wall to wall coverage of the lame gibberish issuing out of this White House on other occasions.

The networks say that the White House never asked officially asked them for broadcast time for the speech. FOX wanted to broadcast it live according to one of my sources, but was told arrangements 'could not be made in time.'

The White House likely told their media allies they didn't want this one broadcast, which also explains why FOX was denied access.

But Spanish only networks Telemundo and Univision were certainly allowed to broadcast it. It's obvious which audience President Obama was targeting and whom he would rather wasn't paying too much attention.

Let's dissect what the President had to say and what it really means.

He started out, of course, by blaming the GOP dominated House for failing to pass a deeply flawed bill that managed to squeak by in the senate some time ago, thanks to the wily Chuck Schumer playing a naive Marco Rubio like Jimi Hendrix used to play a Stratocaster. The president of course neglected to mention that all the House wanted was to meet with the Senate to effect what's called reconciliation, where both houses of congress meet and hammer out a version of legislation they can both support. After that, the House and Senate vote on the changes and the bill goes to the president for his signature.

This is standard operating procedure in congress. Guess who stopped it? None other than Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, who refused to have a reconciliation meeting with the House and demanded they pass the bill as is. When they wouldn't, it was Harry Reid who shelved it on the orders of President Obama. As usual, nothing is ever the president's fault He simply blamed other people for his failure, just like always.

The president also predictably failed to mention another reason legislation has consistently failed - because of his previous track record of ignoring laws he doesn't like, no one trusts him or his corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder to enforce any provision on border security. They haven't done so with present existing law and there's no doubt they would do the same thing with any new legislation.

That said, what does the president's new executive order actually consist of?

There are some throwaway paragraphs about border security, and about hiring a few more border patrol agents. Based on what they've been facing lately and what  border patrol agents are saying right now, I doubt few people want the job even if he attempts to follow through on it, which is doubtful.

The president also claims he will make it "easier and faster for high-skilled immigrants, graduates and entrepreneurs' to avoid deportation." In other words, the small percentage of illegal migrants who have tech skills will now be able to work legally for the likes of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for a fraction of what he has to pay legal citizens, thus keeping wages in that segment of the economy low as a payback for all those campaign contributions.


Of course the biggest impact of the president's executive order is the one that affects the vast amount of illegal migrants whom don't really fall into the skilled category , and he left those for for last.

And before we examine this in detail, let's remember... President Obama's intention here is not 'humanitarian' but purely political. This is the new class of government dependent Democrat voters he wishes to create, and his way of deliberately signaling to the new congress that he has no intention of cooperating with them on anything.

What he said is that if illegal migrants have been in America more than five years, if they have children who are American citizens or illegal residents. If they register, pass a criminal background check and are willing to pay their fair share of taxes, they won't be deported.

Note the parts I emphasized.

First of all, it is going to be next to impossible to determine how long many illegal migrants has been in America assuming ICE even attempts to do so,  doubtful given this president's track record. As usual, this president and his minions think everyone's stupid except themselves. Any illegal migrant with the least bit of savvy can find someone in one of the numerous Mexican consulates willing to crank out a matricula consular card with any name and dates the applicant wants for cash under the table. The going rate right now is about $75 - $100..not to mention that the cards themselves are very easily forged.

And aside from that, does anyone really think that your average illegal migrant won't be able to find people willing to swear he or she has been in the country five years? Or that ICE won't accept that as 'proof' given the president's political interest in keeping all of them here?

The next criteria, freeing from deportation those who have children who are American citizens or those who have children who are illegal migrants is even more of a giveaway.  Anyone who’s at all aware of America's immigration policies knows that having a child who is an American citizen is a sure ticket to getting a green card and the accompanying social welfare benefits. Many potential illegal migrants know it, which is why many illegal migrants whom are pregnant strive to have the child born on American soil. The United States, remember, is one of the only countries that still has birthright citizenship and the newborn baby can in effect legalize the whole family. But the second category, 'those who have children who are illegal migrants' is the real stinger. What this president has done is to essentially extend blanket amnesty even to those who have children who didn't manage to get birthright citizenship by being born here.

After all, if they're legal citizens who happen to have a child who's an illegal migrant, there’s no worry about deportation and the child can get citizenship through normal legal channels. No, this little provision is designed to cover a lot more illegal migrants than the 5 million or so we're being told. And the president is also signalling that the recent rush of illegal migrants from Central America are going to be allowed to stay..and to import their parents and other family members.

That of course ranks the president's statement that "This deal does not apply to anyone who has come to this country recently" up with " If you like your health plan, you can keep it" as one of the more egregious lies he has ever told the American people. And that's a pretty high bar.

I think many American are already aware of the fact that a lot of illegal migrants whom have committed serious crimes are being allowed to stay, and that the Obama Administration lied about it. It's unlikely that they're going to be deported under the president's new executive order,which shows you how much you can believe the president when he talks about "focusing enforcement resources on actual threats to our security. Felons, not families."

And taxes? Many illegal aliens already file tax returns. And why not? For many of them, it's quite profitable.

The president claimed this isn't amnesty, merely freedom from deportation. And that this isn't citizenship or the right to stay here permanently, or access to the same benefits that citizens receive.

Aside from the benefits issue (anyone who knows anything about current law knows that illegal migrants will have full access to social welfare benefits, including ObamaCare), I give it a year at most before you hear the Democrats calling for a pathway to citizenship - and of course, voting rights - for the illegal migrants. That's the plan, guaranteed.

The president finished his remarks with his usual touch of cherry picking an example, appealing to America's natural generosity. He even attempted to quote Scripture, citing a passage in Exodus about oppressing a stranger. Of course, even that was bogus. The ancient Hebrews were invited to settle in Egypt as actual immigrants (Genesis 46-48) because of a famine in the land of Canaan, back when Joseph was the Pharaoh's Chief Minister. It was only after a new Pharaoh ascended 'who knew not Joseph' that the Hebrews were enslaved and oppressed (Exodus 1:8). And the actual passage in the Hebrew, of course, refers not to illegal migrants but to a ger, a convert to Judaism.

Here are a few things for those who think that President Obama did something wonderful here to ponder:

 If this was done 'out of compassion,' or because, as he claims,  the evil Republicans wouldn't give him what he wanted, why didn't he do it in the first two years of his term, when he had a veto-proof majority in the house and senate? Wasn't this important enough then ?

For years, this president has been telling Hispanics whom wanted this amnesty that he was simply unable to accommodate them, that he was not a king or a dictator, that he was unable to do what in fact he just did. How does it make you feel to have been cynically lied to all this time? Does it make you wonder what else President Obama has been lying to you about?

If you're black or Latino citizen making say, $40,000 or so as a delivery driver, a caregiver, a construction worker, a clerical or healthcare worker, are you aware that as this amnesty develops, you're now going to have to compete for your job with people willing to work for less, willing to take part time employment, willing to take less benefits and and poorer working conditions? Do you like the idea that it's going to be you dealing with rising rents for affordable housing, higher taxes, longer waits for medical care and other social services, and schools that become even more dysfunctional as they struggle to handle children whom aren't even literate in their own language?

If you'd like to see actual legislation dealing with immigration,do you think this president's disrespect for the incoming congress and the separation of powers makes that more likely or less likely? Do you like the idea of a president just disregarding laws like this? And if you do, are you at all worried about the precedent this sets if there's a different president in the White House?

The amnesty for illegal migrants the president has planned has nothing to do with 'compassion' nothing to dow ith the good of the country. Barack Hussein Obama is literally strangling the Eagle for what goes beyond even normal partisan political gain...his way of 'transforming' a country he secretly despises into something very different than the democratic republic our Founders envisioned and created.

Having failed to completely crush America's innate spirit and having had his persona andhis failed policies repudiated, he has simply decided to import enough people whom he feels he can manipulate... to transform the electorate to his liking.

Aside from the constitutional issues,what the president has done will encourage further illegal migration, cripple already struggling school districts, substantially raise the prices on affordable housing, raise taxes, depress wages increase unemployment and saddle America with huge social welfare costs in a stagnant economy.That cost, by the way is estimated at $2 trillion dollars by Robert Rector, the Heritage Foundation's expert on these matters, which I think is conservative since Rector is only calculating on the basis of four million illegal migrants, seems to be discounting the effect of chain migration and the influx of new illegal migrants and is only calculating for Social Security and Medicare.

So can this be stopped? Of course it can.I'll tell you how in Part II.

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