Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 Dead In Washington State Mall - Nothing to Do With Islam, Of Course


Friday night brought us a new atrocity as five people at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington were murdered. The mall, of course is a gun free zone, so no one was able to stop the carnage. The killer targeted women - 'uncovered women' - in the local Macy's around the cosmetics counter while shouting something while pulling the trigger.

I think we know what he was shouting.

At first the media was saying that the killer was 'Hispanic' but eventually the truth cam out. He was Arcan Cetin, a 20-year-old Turkish Muslim who lived in nearby Oak Harbor, a legal permanent resident of the U.S.

He gunned down four women and one man, including, reportedly, his ex-girlfriend and her grandmother. This might have been an honor killing.

The police say that Cetin cased the area before going back out to get his gun,which he may have obtained illegally.

He's a real prince. Skagit County court records show three domestic-violence assault charges against Cetin. The victim was identified as Cetin's stepfather. He also has an arrest for drunk driving on his record.

Thanks Obama! Just the kind of person we need to bring into America.

Oh, yes, one more thing...a Hillary supporter, just in case the media tries to pretend otherwise.


The point of all this is while this might not be terrorism, it is definitely a reflection of Islam's misogynist culture. And that culture doesn't mix well with a free society. All we have to do is look at how importing this culture has worked out for Europe.

I can't imagine why any young woman in her right mind would vote for Hillary Clinton, who wants to import boatloads of people with this culture to America and make life for women a lot more dangerous.

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