Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Don't Look At WikiLeaks, Fellow Jackasses! Keep Those Blinders on!"

With these constant WikiLeaks disclosures of racist and anti-Gay slurs, sexism, outright lies, cronyism and crooked dealings, the Democrats have a major problem with keeping the troop's morale up as more and more comes out.

So interim DNC chief Donna Brazile has a solution...don't look! Stay away from the eee-vil Wikileaks and remain in blissful ignorance!

She said the hack was "carried out by the Russians" (no real proof of that,by the way) and since of course Donald Trump is a Russian agent and the font of all evil, even reading or downloading this foul heresy could infect your computer with malware so insidious, so destructive that it will explode and blind you forever more.

Never mind that WikiLeaks has an international reputation for sending out accurate, malware free items and that countless people have already downloaded the items in question without their hands shriveling up from's get thee hence, WikiLeaks!

Full disclosure. Having heard her speak several times, Donna Brazile is far from stupid. In fact, even though we disagree on a great deal, she's smart and articulate. But she's faced with an impossible job here.

First off, a lot of the people she's trying to convince have already sinned by downloading past WikiLeaks documents without being struck by lightning. And second, the surest way to get a lot people to check this stuff out is to tell them not to do it.

Having taken over from comic book character Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz who resigned after the first WikiLeaks dump that showed exactly how the Dem established rigged the game for Hillary in advance, Ms. Brazile is already dealing with a rough proposition keeping the peons in line. And then, there's dealing with the stupidity of the organization she's trying to to run.

After the Wikileaks initial release, some bright person at the DNC figured out that maybe some of their passwords got hacked. So they decided that they best way to fix it was - wait for it - to email new passwords the already hacked accounts!

You can't make this stuff up.

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PUMABydesign said...

Okay, reading the final paragraph resulted in me spitting my tea across my keyboard I laughed so hard.

So true, you cannot make this stuff up but do they learn? Will they learn? NEVER!

Brazile like the Clintons like the Obamas like Wack-o-man Schulz and Pelosi continue to believe in the stupid American voter who from personal conversations with these individuals are about the only ones on the planet yet to gleam the contents of Wikileaks and Guccifer's hacked compilation of emails.

That being said, it's not the useful idiots Progressives have to worry about, they're not voting in November anyway.