Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One Group Of Black Voters Trump Will Carry By 100%

On September 16th,Donald Trump became the first presidential candidate ever to visit Miami's Little Haiti community in a town hall setting. If you're moved by Donald Trump in front of a cheering crowd of 20,000 people, just watch him in a small , intimate setting here. Caveat...the video below had some glitches and interference at some very significant points. I'm told it was caused by reporters unplugging their equipment and exiting en masse as soon as some of the speakers stated talking about the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and how they literally raped Haiti and stole millions of dollars in aid money after the horrendous 2010 earthquake, a story I've covered before.

The vast majority of Haitians both back in Haiti and here in America loathe the Clintons and here's what the community in Little Haiti had to say about that and other subjects to Donald Trump.

The Haitians have largely been a community that resembles some of the European immigrants we took in back in the early part of the twentieth century.As a group they are very much into education, and coming from Haiti, a place where simply making a living is a major test of self-reliance, a number of them have started successful small businesses once they recovered from their shock at the opportunities available in America.

And they'll be voting for Donald Trump. Perhaps when he's president, he really will appoint a special prosecutor and investigate what was done to Haiti by the Clintons. I hope he does.

It takes a special breed of people - and I use the term loosely - to exploit human misery for personal profit the way the Clintons did in Haiti.

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