Wednesday, September 07, 2016

One More Great Reason Not To Buy Anything Here Ever Again

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Ahh,the overpriced coffee everyone loves to hate! I remember when I used to take my escrow checks when I closed deals to my bank to deposit them. It was located right next to...a Starbucks. My ritual was to walk in after I finished my banking and celebrate with a large black espresso, the only time I would ever buy anything from Starbucks.

Nevermore...the constant uber prog ethos prevailing finally got to me, as well as seeing stories about certain things. And the corporation's obvious disdain for religious freedom, the company's boycott of Israel and heavy support for organizations like Planned Parenthood's baby parts market.   But now, I have an even better reason never to step in a Starbucks again.

Starbuck's far Left CEO, Howard Shultz is the guy behind these policies, and today, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

That's expected. After all Schultz voted twice for Obama, he and Mrs. Clinton feel exactly the same way about a lot of things, and Schulz can endorse whoever he want. But this is a business decision, and Howard Schultz is sending us a message.

If you support Israel, if you think Planned Parenthood's Federal funding should be severely limited if not cut off altogether, if you think religious freedom and women's rights are important and especially if you think Hillary Clinton is too dishonest, too serially corrupt and too dangerous and incompetent to be president then you owe it to yourself to make a decision too, and boycott Starbucks' overpriced prog-fascist funding machine.

Not only will you save money, but you'll feel a lot more empowered and better about yourself.

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PUMABydesign said...

Starbucks lost me several years ago when after paying $4.50 for a cinnamon cappuccino, I had to walk to the table in the corner and put the cinnamon in the cappuccino myself.

I also don't appreciate the way they've nudged their customers into speaking Starbucks language and doing it the Starbucks way not the customer's way.