Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Polls: Black And Hispanic Voters Are Turning From Clinton To Trump


According to new polls, Donald Trump is up to 20% among black voters, and rising. And among Hispanic voters, a very diverse group Trump is actually exceeding Romney, especially in key battle ground states:

In some places, Trump is actually outperforming Romney. In Nevada, for example, President Obama ran up a 47-point margin of victory among Hispanic voters in 2012, according to exit polls, defeating Romney 71 percent to 24 percent. A recent Marist poll in the state for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal showed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading among Hispanics, but by the smaller margin of 35 points, 65 percent to 30 percent.

A series of Univision polls earlier this month surveying Hispanic voters in four battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Nevada — also put Trump in the same ballpark as Romney four years ago. Clinton’s lead over Trump among Hispanics in Colorado was smaller than Obama’s margin in that state in 2012.

A Bloomberg Politics "poll decoder" on Tuesday averaged several national surveys and found Clinton leading among Hispanics by 38 points. But Obama won the group by six points more in 2012, according to exit polls.


Actually, I think both these numbers for black and Latino numbers supporting Trump are understated. People in many of these communities might say one thing to pollsters and their peers just to go along to get along, but for a surprising number, what happens inside the voting booth is going to be quite different. None of this will be any surprise to people who have actually attended his Yu-uge rallies and seen the diversity of the people whom attend them.


The reason for that is obvious. Trump is talking bread and butter issues to the communities that have been hardest hit by Obama's policies. He's talking jobs to people that desperately need them. He's talking ending illegal migration to people that have to live with the results of increased housing costs, lower wages and diminished prospects. He's talking school choice to people desperate to get their kids out of dysfunctional public schools and better law enforcement to people that have to live with the reality of crack houses, gangs flourishing in their neighborhoods and the ever present danger of their children being murdered as collateral damage in street wars.

What's even more important is that he's going to their neighborhoods and talking directly to these people, not just issuing policy papers and statements. Mitt Romney had the baggage of his LDS faith, an issue for some Catholics and Evangelicals. But what I think really cut his numbers down among blacks and Latinos was that with rare exceptions he ignored them. There were few if any campaign offices in minority neighborhoods, little phone banking or canvassing and definitely very few if any rallies or campaign events,let alone poll watchers. That's why in places like detroit and Philadelphia you had precincts with 120% turnout and not a single recorded Romney vote.

Trump is doing exactly the opposite, and it's going to show up to a surprising degree on election day.

Fun fact: there's an organized campaign to get bigoted Trump hater Jorge Ramos removed from his slot as a news anchor at UniVison. And while Brent Bozell is heading it, the campaign is being driven by Latino journalists and public figures.

Whore Hay won't be leaving, of course but the very fact that his nonsense is being increasingly recognized is unprecedented.

The times, they are a'changing.


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