Thursday, September 01, 2016

Donald Trump: An Interesting Meeting And A Major Policy Speech

To the surprise of many people who have been listening to the talking heads and get much of their information on Donald Trump from them, Donald Trump eagerly accepted an invitation from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to visit him in Mexico City and discuss future relations between the two countries.

Trump went because it's the way he's always done things...if he wants to find out something, he goes to take a look at it, he asks, he learns firsthand. For President Nieto it's not such a bad idea either. Why not sound out someone who might well be the next American president, find out what kind of person he is and see what kind of common ground is possible?

In spite of media speculation of massive protests and even threats to Trump's physical safety, in the end there were only a handful of protestors and both men remarked on how well the meeting had gone. At which time UniVision's Jorge Ramos had a coronary. Pity...he was already weakened by the recent Gallup Poll showing Trump with 30% of the Hispanic vote.

Needless to say, the media didn't concentrate on the positive aspects of the speech. During a presser when Trump was asked if he and President Nieto had discussed the subject of Mexico paying for the wall Trump wants built, Trump simply said "We didn't discuss it," which could either mean it wasn't mentioned or that it was and one man or the other simply moved on to other topics.

Once he heard the press reports of course, President Nieto had to same some political face by tweeting that he told Trump that Mexico wouldn't pay for the wall. Of course that became the media headline for the usual suspects, not Trump and Nieto's positive remarks on each other and how well the meeting had gone.

Afterwards, Trump went to Phoenix, Arizona to attend a rally before a huge crowd where he took the opportunity to discuss his meeting with Nieto and lay out his immigration policy. It was an excellent speech, clear and to the point and it emphasized ways Mexico and the U.S. could work together, the common goals both countries had and exactly what Donald Trump sees as the problem with illegal migration and how he would fix it. Most of it makes excellent sense, although I wonder if he's going to be able to get Congress to go along with some of it, which means executive orders.

I particularly like his take on visa overstaying and a data base to track it (something we've needed for years),the need to vet far more carefully whom we allow into America as immigrants, zero tolerance for illegal migrants who commit crimes, persuading sanctuary cities to start actually obeying our immigration laws and actually formulating immigration policy with America's best interests as the priority.

That's pretty much exactly how high immigration targets like Australia do. There's no other way unless you're willing to dump having a welfare state entirely.

Since the media likely won't want you to pay attention to this, the entire speech is here. And it's well worth listening to:


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The Laura Ingraham Show - Sept 1, 2016

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The Laura Ingraham Show - Sept 1, 2016