Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 - Our National Day Of Shame

Today was the anniversary of the murder of almost 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center. It's a day that never fails to embarrass me, and I think it embarrasses a lot of my fellow Americans.

Many of us have trouble explaining exactly why it embarrasses us. But embarrassment is a function of the emotion of shame, and shame is a highly fitting emotion to feel today. It is like a foul stench in the air.

It's the rancid smell of defeat and humiliation.It's the putrid odor of our dead who were never avenged. Because we did precious little to avenge them. Or to use their deaths as an inspiration for victory over their attackers.

Oh, we put some jihadi subcontractors in jail, even killed others, but we've yet to actually look at the root causes behind why we were attacked or deal with the real perpetrators, the nations that fund, harbor and nurture jihad against the West. If President Obama has his way, we won't even allow them to be sued in court by the victims for damages.

After 9/11, Americans knew who was responsible for the carnage and were ready to be led to victory. We knew exactly who was pulling the strings back in the Middle East, who was spending billions promoting the same ideology that resulted in us being savagely attacked.

Unfortunately, some of those same people were long time friends and business partners of the Bush family and other influential folks, which made things awkward - to say the least.

So instead of actually naming our enemies and their ideology - Islamist fascism - the president announced that America was now involved in a war on 'terror', that we should all calm down, that the creed of our enemies meant peace, that the goal of this war was `safety and security' rather than victory, and that everything would be all right if we would just go shopping.

Since then, in spite of some of the bravest warriors ever to fight under out flag, we've been losing. And this war has been fought with increasingly costly half measures. Is it any surprise it's still going on? That it always will until we change course completely?

Not only have we not accomplished anything, we're actually retreating. At this point, we know clearly that both  the Saudis and Iran were complicit in 9/11. Not only weren't they punished, but we're actually giving them money, and in Iran's case, the go ahead to pull off another 9/11 using nuclear weapons.

Anyone who is paying any attention at all knows exactly where the support network of jihad is located and how it functions.  As Mark Steyn once memorably put it, they are hiding in plain sight. But we have allowed ourselves to be bullied or coerced into not seeing. We've even been told that seeing the truth for what it is somehow shameful and 'racist'.

Think about that for a second.On the one hand, we are shamed because we have yet to avenge 9/11 by defeating the people that murdered 3,000 innocent Americans. And on the other hand, we are told that we should be ashamed for even wanting that, for not just getting over it and acquiescing to just living with accepting continual attacks and paying jizra to Islam like the defeated infidels we are.

After fifteen years, 9/11 isn't even called the anniversary of 9/11 anymore. Some bright minion in the Obama Administration came up with the idea of calling it the 'National Day Of Service.' Is it any wonder that so many younger Americans have no clue what this is about? They were too young to understand what happened, and then they were subjected to the prog-fascist indoctrination that passes for our educational system. They were told that 9-11 was an inside job or  was due to US Imperialism.That it was somehow our fault because we were somehow  insufficiently subservient to the issues and concerns of Islam.

Appeasement has been the order of the day and a defensive crouch our default position.Our ancestors,the men and women who built this country would alternately laugh at us and turn from us in disgust.

That is where we are right now. This is how far we've fallen.

Like everyone else, I have my own memories of 9/11. I was on my way to my office after dropping my children off at school and turned on Howard Stern. And there it was...the horror, the outrage, the defiance, the tears of people watching their city endure the unendurable. I still have that entire broadcast on the hard drive of one of my computers.

After letting all of the day's horror sink in, I walked outside that night to get some air and look at the sky, an old habit of mine. Up above was a crescent moon with a star nearby...the living picture of Islam ascendant, triumphant.

It's something I've never forgotten and never will.

The moon, like all else on this earth goes in phases. I sense the beginning of a new phase, and to be honest I'm not sure what that portends. Will we regain our honor, our courage and our freedom and put the ghosts of 9/11 to rest? Or will we continue to retreat until there is no more retreating?

Time will tell.

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