Monday, September 05, 2016

Of Course! Obama Gives Thumbs UpTo 49er Kaepernick's 'Protest'

President Barack Hussein Obama essentially gave an endorsement of San Francisco 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick's protest in refusing to stand for the National Anthem at NFL games today.

Of course as I revealed previously, the real story behind Kaepernick's protest, the one the media and the NFL have desperately covered up is his conversion to Islam, his new found jones for BlackLives Matter and his radicalization by his fiance.

Basically, the president said that Kaepernick was raising "some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about" and that it was Kaepernick's constitutional right to protest in that fashion.

President Obama is totally right about that last point. But you'll notice that just like all amoral Leftist sociopaths, our president concentrates on rights rather than right and wrong. The president in so many words encouraged others to do the same thing And as always,Kaepernick being black and a Muslim means that to this president, nothing he does is wrong no matter what unless he was, horrors, a Republican or a Muslim like Ayaan Hirsi Ali discussing openly the reality of why Islam is problematic in a free society.

Let's shed some light on this hypocrisy and examine this from a different angle. Let's say Kaepernick was a devout Christian who burned a Qur'an at an NFL game in order to protest the genocide of Christians in the Muslim world and the Obama Administration's refusal to allow all but a handful of Middle East Christians into America as refugees while importing almost a million Muslims during his terms in office.

Like the president said, it would have been Kaepernick's constitutional right to do so. But what would have happened then?

Instead of weaseling out, the NFL would have suspended him immediately and the 49er's would have terminated his contract. The usual media suspects would have been calling for him to be jailed.

And President Obama? He wouldn't be talking about constitutional rights or the raising of 'real, legitimate issues.' That, I can assure you. He'd be repeating his shtick about how the future must not belong to those that defame Islam, denouncing Colin Kaepernick as a bigot, and 'un-American,' apologizing to the Muslim world and pledging to consult with his attorney general about prosecuting Kaepernick.

That's how it works, you see, with the first post American president. He never fails to disgust.

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