Sunday, November 27, 2005

EU plans to make East Jerusalem Jew free

In a stunning revelation, a secret document has leaked prepared by the European Commission with the help of the British Foreign Ministry(Britain is now head of the European Parliament) criticizing Israel for essentially allowing Jews to live in `traditionally Arab'East Jerusalem!EU downplays leaked memo on east Jerusalem - Yahoo! News

The EU apparently considers such long time Jewish communities such as Gilo, French Hill, and New Talpiot to be `settlements' aimed at `thwarting Palestinian aspirations to have Jerusalem as their capitol and prejudicing final settlement negotiations'...

No mention, of course, that East Jerusalem only became `traditionally Arab' after Jordan invaded and anexed it in 1948 and murdered or expelled every Jew living there! Oddly enough, that Jordanian army was equipped and under the command of British officers headed by none other than notorious anti-Semite Colonel John Glubb (`Glubb Pasha').

And no mention of the fact that Israel has annexed Jerusalem and consistently said that Jerusalem is not a subject for negotiation.

Neck deep in this were,of course, the usual suspects - British Foreign Minister Jack Sraw and EU envoy Marc Otte. Straw was instrumental in creating a de facto arms embargo to Israel...even extending to ejector mechanisms designed to save the lives of Israel's pilots.

The document stated that "Israel's activities in Jerusalem are in violation of both its roadmap obligations and international law," and further mentioned the EU's "grave concerns at Israeli activities in and around East Jerusalem, including construction of the separation barrier", citing the kangeroo court ICJ ruling at the Hague.

There is no mention of the first step in the Roadmap..the Palestinians disarming terrorists and ending incitement in their mosques, schools and media.

And the EU are the people Sharon agreed to have monitor the Gaza border crossings!

Looks like all the `diplomatic progress' supposedly generated by Israel turning over Gaza to the Palestinians was just a lot of smoke and mirrors. There are apparently still a lot of European diplomats who figure that giving Israel to the Arabs will buy them some peace.

They're horribly mistaken.

And the Israelis had better start being a lot less cooperative with people that have a vested interest in their destruction.

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