Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Iran planing nuke test...

I have referred to this previously, but it deserves to be aired again in view of present developments.

According to the Iranian opposition group the FDI, Iran is planning a nuclear weapons test to coincide with Noruz, the Iranian New Year on March 20th.A Daily Briefing on Iran: Tehran plans nuclear weapon test by March

I got the same information from an independent source.

This would account for Ahamadinejad's belligerant language and aggressive tone. As those who read Joshapundit are aware, the Iranians also put off a decision on the Russian proposal to enrich uranium in Russia and send nuclear fuel to Iran for 'further discussion'...until March.

According to the FDI, the High Command of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force have issued new orders to Shahab-3 missile units, ordering them to move mobile missile launchers every 24 hours in view of a potential pre-emptive strike by the U.S. or Israel.

Advance Shahab-3 units have been positioned in Kermanshah and Hamadan province, within striking distance of Israel. Reserve mobile launchers have been moved to Esfahan and Fars province.

The range of the Shahab 3 missle can be seen in the map above.

The FDI were the group that first fingered Teheran's nuclear deception, and their track record as a source is more than decent.

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