Monday, February 06, 2006

A rude awakening for Britain

The Guardian is a British newspaper that many think of as borderline anti-Semitic because of its blatently pro-Arab stance on the Arab-Israeli conflict and its championing of anti-Israel jihadi advocates like George Galloway.

So to find this editorial in a paper like the Guardian is an indication of the grim realization that the British Left may be awakening to in view of the 7/7 bombing and yesterday's Muslim riots all over the country as part of the cartoon intifadeh...

"For centuries, English law has been crammed full of legal powers to arrest people who threaten violence or murder in public, or who go around terrifying ordinary people. On Friday, dozens of prima facie examples of such offences were committed during protests against Danish cartoons which offended Muslims by depicting the prophet Muhammad. One man was dressed in the garb of a suicide bomber, arguably an overt attempt to terrify of the kind that has been illegal in this country since at least the Statute of Northampton in the time of King Edward III, in the 14th century. Others carried placards demanding "Massacre those who insult Islam", "Butcher those who mock Islam", "Europe you'll come crawling when Mujahideen come roaring", "Britain you will pay: 7/7 on its way", several of which appear to breach the law dating from Victorian times that outlaws soliciting to murder. A toddler on the march was dressed in a hat that said: "I love al-Qaida." Many adults on political marches over the years have been convicted of breaches of the peace for much less than that...."

" society can allow the threats that were made on Friday's march to pass without further action. Those who threatened to kill should answer for their threats. They should be arrested, cautioned and placed under surveillance. If appropriate, the authorities must not be afraid of bringing charges. Those who are eligible for deportation should be deported. "

read the full piece here...Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Threats that must be countered

Even more surprising, the article ended with a link to the Mohammed cartoons!

Fascinating how quickly people wake up when jihad rears its ugly head in their backyard, as opposed to Israel. It's always the Jews first, boyos. But better late than never.

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