Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hamas makes its first Parliamentary Appointments

Hamas decided on its first parliamentary appointments today.

It named Mahmoud al-Zahar from Gaza, one of its most hardline leaders, as head of the Hamas majority faction in the legislature, which convenes on Saturday for its first session since the group won the January 25 Palestinian election.

Aziz Dweik, from the West Bank, was chosen by Hamas as parliamentary speaker.

Here's something to note: As the leader of parliament, Dweik would become interim president, pending an election within 60 days, in the event of the death, resignation or incapacitation of President Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah faction.

In view of the fact that Hamas is livid with Abbas about his last minute attempt to consolidate power in the presidency and away from the Hamas-controlled legislature, this is an interesting appointment to say the least.

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